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Best J-Horror Movies to Watch Before Playing Ghostwire: Tokyo | Den of Geek

Best J-Horror Movies to Watch Before Playing Ghostwire: Tokyo | Den of Geek

Ghostwire: Tokyo isn’t staunch developer Tango Gameworks’ prolonged-awaited return to the apprehension genre after 2017’s underrated The Gruesome Inner 2; it’s a moderately gigantic excuse to examine about a of the ideal J-apprehension films ever made.

While Japanese apprehension films enjoyed a world “snarl length” within the unhurried ’90s and early 2000s (and we’ll completely be talking about about a of the flicks from that skills very presently), about a of the handiest apprehension films of the final 70+ years are J-Dread films. The prolonged historic past of Japanese apprehension films entails rather loads of films that in fact challenged viewers staunch as they challenged the widespread perceptions of what apprehension cinema is succesful of.

To date as that goes, it’s important to comprehend that this isn’t an inventory of the absolute handiest J-Dread films ever made. If it turned into, I will be able to jabber you Audition would perhaps perhaps be somewhere on it. As a replacement, right here’s an inventory of great J-Dread films that tie into Ghostwire‘s important issues/visuals (which consist of Japanese mythology, urban environments, the supernatural, and skills) in some manner that will motivate bag you within the mood for Tango Gameworks’ latest skills.

Carved: The Nick-Mouthed Girl

Most J-Dread films make their very occupy villains or pick inspiration from ragged reports, however Carved: The Nick-Mouthed Girl out of the blue draws from a original urban story. The film specializes within the titular Nick-Mouthed Girl (Kuchisake-onna) who goes spherical a limited town slaughtering teenagers. While Carved aspects that identical sad and oppressive atmosphere considered in different J-Dread classics, it furthermore adds pulse-pounding circulation scenes extra recurrently stumbled on in Western slasher films.

While Kuchisake-onna is a original Japanese urban story, the character infrequently ever appears to be like in any visual medium. Carved: The Nick-Mouthed Girl is one amongst her handiest appearances on film, however she’s going to furthermore seem in Ghostwire: Tokyo as a highly effective enemy. – Aaron Greenbaum


In case you’re keen on Se7en, Silence of the Lambs, and Memories of Execute and get a technique or the opposite no longer but stumbled on the time to peek Cure, staunch know that you’re missing out on one amongst the scariest and ideal “serial killer” films ever made. 

Tonally and visually, Cure is moderately extra muted than Ghostwire and a few of various films you’ll salvage on this checklist, however it completely’s completely one amongst the handiest J-Dread films ever made. It’s an skills that will roam away you shopping for solutions whilst you know that the surest manner to succumb to the madness on the coronary heart of this film is to be daring ample to affirm you would perhaps perhaps be ready to decide it out. – Matthew Byrd

Dim Water

Surely a original chase on the everyday nervous dwelling subgenre, Dim Water brilliantly utilizes the claustrophobic confines of a rundown home complex because the environment for a supernatural legend that will make certain you never seek at a leak within the roof the identical manner once more.

While the relationship between Dim Water’s important characters is the (surprisingly solid) core of this film, it’s this film’s bleak tone and downright terrifying visuals that will follow you prolonged after you’ve survived it. Followers of atmospheric apprehension that also remark effectively-timed scares get to peek out this masterpiece of the genre. – MB


In a marvelous world, each person would staunch “peek” Condo and skills it for themselves with none working out of what they’re about to ogle. On the opposite hand, even the most comprehensive scene-by-scene breakdown of this film would enact dinky to dilute its magic. 

Condo is extra of an acid shuttle than a oldschool film. It’s on the whole childish (which is succesful on condition that the director’s young daughter helped craft the classic notion), however handiest the most dreary souls is no longer going to be ready to no longer no longer up to fancy the audaciousness of this film. Rightfully included on most shortlists of the “most weird films ever,” Condo reminds us that tales of the supernatural continuously work handiest when they’re as removed from widespread as that you would perhaps perhaps be ready to imagine. – MB

Infection (Kansen)

Flee-down hospitals are a historically original environment for apprehension films. Western films in dispute love to use that inherently creepy atmosphere, however few films exercise it as effectively as Infection does. The film specializes within the employees of an nearly bankrupt health center who receive a burn sufferer and accidentally rupture him by intention of clerical error. These occasions rapidly pick a flip for the terrifying when a brand unusual patient tormented by a plague that liquefies his physique is rolled into the health center.

Infection channels the J-Dread trope of conserving audiences guessing except the discontinue, handiest to plight what viewers plan they knew one final time. It furthermore makes the most out of its memorable mix of psychological apprehension, claustrophobia, and a grimy atmosphere. – AG

Ju-On: The Grudge

If Ringu launched many Western viewers to the thought that of J-Dread, Ju-On: The Grudge acquainted those audiences with J-Dread’s most prevalent monster: the onryō. Ju-On stars several unrelated characters who are nervous by vengeful spirits after they step into a nervous dwelling. While every characters’ narratives growth independently, the overarching legend revolves spherical that dwelling and the origins of those ghosts. Ju-On, extra special love Ringu, terrifies audiences with an unrelentingly aggravating atmosphere and minimal jump scares, however it completely furthermore adds the occasional obscured ghost that viewers will likely handiest ogle within the occasion that they dare to peek it once more.

Ju-On: The Grudge and its American remake solidified extra special of our classic J-Dread mythology. The film popularized the thought that of a light, prolonged-haired ghost who crawls spherical unevenly, utters a signature loss of life rattle, and can seem wherever, even at some level of the day. – AG


Kwaidan’s age and prolonged runtime (over three hours) would perhaps perhaps fright some doable viewers away, however deem me after I inform that every film fan needs to salvage the time to lose themselves in this easy traditional. 

Simply put, Kwaidan is arguably the most shining apprehension film ever made. Custom tells us that apprehension is alleged to be gruesome, however Kwaidan brilliantly makes exercise of its attractive visuals to trap you in its world of folks tale apprehension. Unless you would perhaps perhaps get got no tolerance for slower-paced films, you owe it to your self to skills the model this film celebrates the art of filmmaking and the timelessness of mythology. – MB


I’ll warn you correct now that except you would perhaps perhaps get got a high tolerance for violent visuals, aggravating issues, and flicks that roam away you feeling a lot like you’ll need a shower, you would perhaps desire to steer clear of Marebito. It’s about as in fact feel nasty as a in fact feel-nasty film gets. 

All and sundry else it will likely be ready to no longer no longer up to fancy Marebito for how it items a basically Lovecraftian legend/world in a extraordinarily J-Dread manner. By manner of taking pictures the apprehension of an urban atmosphere, few films enact it higher than Marebito– MB

Noroi: The Curse

A long way too many Western apprehension films no longer worth naming right here get diluted the effectiveness of the “stumbled on photographs” taking pictures model, however the J-Dread traditional Noroi: The Curse demonstrates solutions to properly exercise that filming methodology. The film disguises itself as a documentary that follows a paranormal researcher who investigates a series of incidents reportedly linked to a ritual meant to banish a demon. Many viewers credit score Noroi as a masterclass in pacing and target audience funding since the film’s scares are nearly fully derived from its atmosphere.

While Noroi: The Curse has a important antagonist of kinds, the film comes alive during the arena it paints. Many followers claim that Noroi is one amongst, if no longer the, handiest J-Dread/stumbled on photographs films of all time. – AG

One Neglected Name

Many gigantic J-Dread films mix original skills and supernatural occurrences in some manner, and 2003’s One Neglected Name would perhaps perhaps completely be truly apt one amongst the absolute handiest examples of that marriage. The film revolves all around the strange phenomenon of random of us receiving speak messages from their future selves that foretell their very occupy death. The film’s atmosphere is significantly oppressive, thanks in no limited portion to the ways its characters exude existential apprehension. It even manages to shocks audiences with a elegant quantity of gore.

One Neglected Name combines skills and the supernatural to no longer handiest solidify an at all times-welcome trope however present effective social commentary; one amongst the on the whole unsung strengths of the handiest J-Dread films. – AG


Ringu and Ju-On: The Grudge would perhaps perhaps get popularized the J-Dread genre, however Onibaba completely helped make it. The 1964 film draws heavily from an ragged Shin Buddist parable and revolves spherical a lady and her daughter who rupture infantrymen to promote their equipment. One fateful evening, the older lady kills a samurai carrying a Hannya conceal and tries it on, handiest to salvage she can’t pick it off. The huge majority of Onibaba builds up to at least one big, spooky existing that would perhaps perhaps well get fit perfectly into a traditional Twilight Zone episode.

While Onibaba doesn’t discover the original apprehension film playbook, the film completely leaves a prolonged-lasting affect. – AG


In some limited ways, Pulse is that dated model of ‘90s/early 2000s film that makes exercise of technophobia to prey on the fears of a skills all out of the blue forced to settle for extra and extra skills in their day-to-day lives. In most of the ways that topic most, though, it’s arguably one amongst the handiest films of the J-Dread snarl length in addition to to a film that feels a dinky too relevant at instances. 

Pulse takes what appears to be like love a gimmicky notion (ghosts within the exact machines) and turns it into one amongst the most harrowing, wretched, and downright terrifying apprehension films ever made. There are jump scares in Pulse, however right here’s the model of film that is extra drawn to burrowing below your skin except you’re left wondering whether loneliness is a extra highly effective force than loss of life itself. From its mix of mysticism and skills to its unforgettable views of the eerily empty metropolis streets, you’ll need to deem that this film turned into a clear have an effect on on Ghostwire. – MB


Ringu launched many Western audiences to the J-Dread genre and would perhaps perhaps composed composed be truly apt important viewing for any fan. The film is about a cursed videotape that (in a roundabout manner) kills any individual who views it after seven days. Mighty of the dispute revolves spherical a reporter who investigates the VHS after searching at it as she delves into its sad origins. Ringu is basically praised for its stressful, unsettling atmosphere and the lingering likelihood of its premise. The film is more likely to be a late burn, however its stride puts viewers on edge and makes obvious every fright hits dwelling.

With out Ringu (and its American remake), world audiences wouldn’t be as conscious of J-Dread and its distinctive tales of apprehension. – AG

Tetsuo: The Iron Man

While many J-Dread films terrify viewers through subtlety, Tetsuo: The Iron Man is loud and for your face. The film is about a salaryman who accidentally runs over a “metal fetishist” (i.e., a man who inserts metal rods into his occupy physique) and rapidly finds himself slowly turning into a half-flesh, half-metal abomination. The discontinue result is a chaotic, over-the-top explosion of grunge song, cessation circulation animation, and physique apprehension. Tetsuo essentially scares viewers through sheer creativeness and what-the-fuckery.

For the reason that J-Dread genre basically depends on purely supernatural antagonists, Tetsuo: The Iron Man completely stands apart by intention of its technological issues. Unruffled, its shocks and scares infamous high amongst the handiest this genre has to give. – AG

The Ghost of Yotsuya

In case you’re buying for a traditional Japanese ghost legend to bag you within the mood for Ghostwire, you’ll get a laborious time finding the next mood-setter than The Ghost of Yotsuya.

Per the legendary kabuki play “Yotsuya Kaidan,” this tale of ghostly revenge packs a elegant punch for a film made in 1959. Followers of traditional samurai cinema will no doubt desire to peek this out, however any individual who loves traditional ghost reports with otherworldly visuals will salvage themselves slowly succumbing to this film’s spell. – MB

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