Best Movies Starring Revolutionary Leader MGR, A Look ..

There have been superstar actors in different eras of Tamil cinema. In that sense, MGR is a superstar actor who is still remembered by the people. His films have been celebrated by everyone through the ages. MGR, who was obsessed with cinema, then got involved in politics and flew there. We will now look at the list of MGR’s best films that have received such accolades.

Slave girl

MGR’s Slave Girl was released in 1969. The film was produced by actor MGR and starred Jayalalithaa and him in a double role. The blockbuster hit was MGR’s slave girl in a double role with a lot of characters. It is also the first time in the world that two chiefs have acted together in this film.

Adolescent around the world

The last film released in 1973 starring MGR was Adolescents Around the World. Produced and directed by MGR, the film starred actress Manjula and others. It is noteworthy that the film was a huge success and was shot on a big budget by MGR at the time. And politically the film met with protests.

Accordingly, the Tamil Nadu government imposed a tax on posters at a time when it relied solely on posters for film advertising. MGR avoided advertising posters due to the financial crisis. However, the film was a resounding success.

Inhabited temple

The last film starring MGR was the 1968 film Inhabited Temple, in which MGR played a dual role. Directed by K. Shankar, the film starred Jayalalithaa, L. Vijayalakshmi and many others. The film was a huge success and was one of MGR’s best films. And all the songs in the film were a big hit at the time.

Our country

Our Country is a 1969 film directed by CP Jambulingam and starring MGR. Jayalalithaa also acted as the heroine with MGR in this film. The film is a remake of the Telugu film Kathanayakudu. It was when the film was released that the MGR party started a new one. So without the original Telugu film, our country film had more political verses. The film ran for over 100 days and was a blockbuster success.

Where is the house child

Enga Veedu Pillai is a 1965 film directed by Chanakya and starring MGR. Saroja Devi, Thanga Velu, Nambiar and Nagesh also acted with MGR in double roles in Asathiya. No one can forget the song I Swear, which was featured in the hugely successful film.

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