Best to worst Malayalam movies of 2021: From pathbreaking Great Indian Kitchen to pretentious Cold Case


If the final decade saw Malayalam cinema being remodeled in phrases of topics, memoir kinds and peek, the pandemic has brought a fresh wave in its wake. Perchance no utterly different movie change has managed to leverage the shift to OTT platforms, necessitated by Covid-19, as considerable as this transformation. The fresh-age directors, actors and technicians innovated in phrases of storytelling, bringing the disquiet and claustrophobia dwelling to us. Ambitious both in phrases of fabricate or vision, the films enjoy caught the zeitgeist. Some labored and some didn’t.

Right here’s a record of ethical, unfriendly and terrifying from the Malayalam movie change in the first half of 2021.

Not-so-ethical movies:


Despite Jayasurya’s spectacular efficiency as an alcoholic, this movie is let down by its slender screenplay. The movie is impressed by a true-life particular person and his struggles with a power provocative location. Director Prajesh Sen, who had helmed Jayasurya’s sports actions drama Captain, directed the movie, as well to writing it. The movie begins on a high point to as it demonstrates the helplessness of an addict and the fixed degradation of oneself to reside in the relate of drunkenness. However quickly the story loses steam and falls abet on melodrama and performs up the ethical nature of a particular person, who can’t reside sober.

Operation Java

It’s a procedural drama that follows the aspirations of two ethical-natured computer consultants. Despite their recordsdata of computer methods, they can’t crack the job interview owing to their inability to be in contact fluent English. The 2 later initiating helping the ailing-equipped cyber crime department of Kerala police. And very fleet, they point to resourceful. Their loyalty and resolution, alternatively, are finest met with discouragement and insults. Tharun Moorthy’s directorial is messy in a few methods. The pacing used to be uneven and some scenes in the movie felt rushed. However, this might occasionally most likely well well be very informative. After watching this movie, potentialities are you’ll most likely well well no longer be very willing to agree with up lucky intention coupons at outlets.

The Priest

The ominous first peek poster of the movie that comprises Mammootty in a brown robe had created a huge hype for the movie. And surprisingly, when the movie opened in Kerala after the first lockdown, it used to be neatly-got on the sphere workplace by the target audience. That doesn’t clutch away from the the truth that The Priest used to be a tall disappointment. The compelling premise and the though-provoking ghost-hunter character of Mammootty should no longer effectively mild to carry a most thrill. Debutant director Jofin T. Chacko’s underplay of the exorcism scenes used to be a bummer.


Santhosh Vishwanath had helmed this movie from the script penned by screenwriter duo Bobby and Sanjay. The movie revolves spherical an idealist Chief Minister, performed by Mammootty, who wants to revamp the entire political system by giving unheard of “revisionary powers” to the public. The movie revolves spherical the “exact to desire invoice.” And its lofty premise is let down by its superficial screenplay. However, it does reside on a feel-ethical and inspirational point to.

Irul is helmed by Naseef Yusuf Izuddin (Photo: Netflix)


This movie might most likely well were so considerable higher if finest newcomer director Naseef Yusuf Izuddin and his author Sunil Yadav had no longer circumvented challenges thrown by the script and brought shortcuts. Soubin Shahir’s Alex is the weakest hyperlink in this series of lies, deceit and half-truths. As odd, Fahadh Faasil is ethical in the movie and Darshana Rajendran performs her role as well to she might most likely well. The filmmakers discover the entire ingredients exact, but fumbles in executing it effectively.

The worst ones:


Director Rahul Riji Nair rehashes acquainted tropes and moments of celebrated sports actions drama in the mildew of girls folks empowerment. The writing is so superficial that on the reside of the movie, you don’t in actuality feel for any of the characters. Mamitha Baiju as Anju overact, while Rajisha Vijayan as Maria Francis struggles to take grasp of up a wafer-skinny script. The stakes in the movie should no longer that top, and the choreography of Kho Kho suits is underwhelming. You don’t learn considerable about the characters or the game. Rahul Riji Nair’s efficiency as a soft-talking, backbiting teacher used to be a ravishing shock.


Director Appu N. Bhattathiri and his author S. Sanjeev wished to carry an wise horror drama. However, what they all managed to create is build together an ethical trying movie, which is unnecessarily brooding and painfully sluggish. And the filmmakers enjoy solid Nayanthara in the flimsiest character that she has performed since Darbar.

Frosty Case

Director Tanu Balak’s movie has an enticing premise. It’s a conflict between a logical cop (Prithviraj) and a journalist (Aditi Balan) who follows paranormal actions. Both of them are chasing a story of an unidentified cranium and additionally they’re destined to cross paths at one point. And between them, there is a rickety fridge, which holds the most main to all answers. However, the premise is ruined by location errors.

The supreme ones

The Gigantic Indian Kitchen is written and directed by Jeo Toddler. (Photo: Neestream/Facebook)

The Gigantic Indian Kitchen

Director Jeo Toddler broke fresh floor as he urged the story of cruel patriarchy. As an different of counting on dialogues to carry the institutionalized enslavement of girls folks, he uses visible cues to bring out the unspoken horrors that unfold interior the kitchens of highly conservative households. And importantly, it sequences romance out of culinary science.

Drishyam 2

It used to be a ravishing sequel to the blockbuster 2013 crime drama. The story is determined six years after the events of the first movie. Properly, one might most likely well think a truly lengthy time has passed and other folks would enjoy moved on with their lives, but no. It used to be the most spirited thing that ever took living in Georgekutty’s town, so it is restful the head matter of gossip. Additionally, Georgekutty’s family is additionally struggling to manufacture peace with the crime that changed their lives perpetually. Director Jeethu Joseph shines as a author in this movie.


Creator Syam Pushkaran’s swish adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic play Macbeth, is beautifully complimented by director Dileesh Pothan’s contemporary visible sense. No execrable laughs or gestures or lengthy soliloquy to highlight the atrocious location that’s afoot. However, the malice pervades the very air, but faces betray no emotion.


Director Martin Prakkat shines a mild on the post-truth technology we reside in exact now. The movie examines how the exact truth turns into the first casualty of political arrogance. The total Kerala police department turns against three of their bear after a boulevard accident kills a tiny-time member of a political birthday celebration. Alternatively, it is the election season, so the males in strength consume the dying to mobilize toughen for “justice” and flip it true into a media circus, thus keeping the public distracted from the components that in fact depend. Sounds acquainted?


This movie is a story of two males trying to extinguish every utterly different. Perchance, the accumulate pitch for this movie should enjoy read esteem this: It’s no longer the scale of the dog in the fight, it’s the scale of the fight in the dog. Creator Yadhu Pushpakaran has turn out to be this line true into a non-raze violent fest. It takes some time sooner than you procure out who’s the hero and the villain. And it takes longer to favor on who you had been rooting for all alongside.

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