Bhagwati, the Tamil film that slammed the KGF films .. A historical record made 70 years ago

The most recent blockbuster product is Pan India. The film has also attracted a lot of Tamil fans. And these pictures add to the collection. Thus, the films Bagupali in Telugu, KGF in Kannada and Thanga in Hindi have been released and given a huge hit.

In this situation, the question has arisen among the fans that no film has been released in Tamil in that order. The films dubbed in other languages ​​were dubbed in Tamil and it was a huge success and the fans were worried that such a film would not be made in Tamil.

But breaking the record of these films, one of the greatest films in the Tamil language has just been released. Chandralekha is a 1948 film directed by SS Wasan and produced by Gemini Studios. The film was shot on a hefty budget at the time.

Chandralekha is a film starring talented artists like DR Rajakumari, MK Radha, NS Krishnan and Ranjan. S Rajeswara Rao composed the music for the film. The film is the story of two brothers who fight to rule their father’s kingdom.

The film was first made in Tamil and later in Hindi. The film received rave reviews and was a huge success at the box office. The drums, sets and sword fighting scenes featured in the film were appreciated by many.

Also, this is a great film shot in Tamil cinema before films like Bhagwati, KGF and Thangal released during this period. Also, despite the lack of technology at the time, Chandralekha has amazed many with such innovative scenes in the film.

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