Bharathikannamma who saved the dignity of Vijay TV .. Sun TV who slandered DRP!

That week’s DRP rating reveals that logo screen fans are eagerly watching any serial on a daily basis. As such the DRP rating for this week is currently spreading virally on social media.

Sun TV’s Kayal serial, which has always topped the charts, has maintained its presence and topped the charts this week as well. This was followed by Sundari serial of the same Sandivi which got the second place and the serial which got the third place like the sky which shows the brother-sister affection beautifully.

In fourth place is the action-romance serial Sun TV’s Rose. Thus, Vijay TV’s Bharathikannamma serial has got the 5th position after a tough competition with Sun TV which has retained the fourth position.

Sixth place went to Sandivi’s Kannana Kanne serial and seventh place went to Vijay TV’s Pakiyalakshmi serial. This is followed by Vijay TV’s Pandian Stores in eighth place.

Ninth place went to Sandivi’s brand new anti-swimming serial. Vijay TV’s Raja Rani 2 serial got tenth place and Sun TV’s Abhi and I got eleventh place.

This is followed by Vijay TV’s Tamil and Saraswati, Sandivi’s Anbe Va, Vijay TV’s Maunaragam 2, Sandivi’s Pandavar Illam, Siddhi 2 and Vijay TV’s Wet Rojave 2 serials.

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