Bharati, who is leaving Kannamma, is the superhero of the Sun TV serial that is making a new entry

Bharathikannamma serial which is being aired on Vijay TV is the most famous serial on the iconic screen. Now it has been reported that the critical popularity of this serial is about to change. In 2019, the Bharathikannamma serial aired on Vijay TV in just a few days.

Bharathikannamma is a serial that has an important story that is not in any serial and shows how the woman manages to reduce the weight of women to be black. Roshini played the role of Kannamma and Arun Prasad played the role of Bharathi. It was at a time when their romance and chemistry were all in good order that the important twist of the serial came out and took the top serial position.

Roshini, who played Kannamma, abruptly left the serial while Bharathikannamma 2 was released following the first part of the series and is currently running with a lively storyline. What Roshini can fight then the fans are very upset. Roshini has been replaced by actress Vinusha Devi as Kannamma. It has been reported that Arun Prasad, who is currently playing the role of Bharathi, is stepping down from the series amidst the important changes and twists and turns of the Bharathikannamma series.

Actor Arun Prasad has been playing the role of Bharati in the minds of the people till date. But now it has been reported on social media that actor Sanjeev will replace him. He is a friend of Commander Vijay and has acted in many mega series. Mainly Mrs. Selvam, who has starred in popular series including Yaradi Nee Mohini. Sanjeev, who is currently starring in films, is getting ready to star in the play again. It has been reported that Sanjeev is currently playing the role of Bharathi in the serial Bharathikannamma.

Sanjeev, who played a minor role in the Master movie starring Commander Vijay, then competed for the Bigg Boss show. Thinking that he would go there and make a mess, the commander left the fort only to talk about Vijay’s fame. In the meantime he has been attending several interviews with his wife Preeti. In this situation, it has been reported that Bharathikannamma is getting ready to act as Bharathiya in the serial. However, it is not clear why Arun Prasad is leaving.

While Bharathi, who is currently split in the Bharathikannamma serial, is busy running the storyline that brings Kannamma back, now Arun Prasad’s departure has caused dissatisfaction among the fans. But there are fans who are wondering what it would be like if Sanjeev played Bharati instead of Arun Prasad. Many Netizens have been waiting with criticism that somehow this series will suffice.

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