Big Boss celebrity who bought a huge house .. Vijay Divinale car, lifestyle changing bungalow

Many are longing for Vijay TV alone to get a chance. The reason for that is a belief that Vijay will come to TV and make us a great person anyway. That is how celebrities like Sivakarthikeyan and Santhanam are coming to the silver screen.

There are a lot of celebrities through this one-sided Big Boss show. Vanitha, who initially participated in the Bigg Boss show, continued to work on several shows on that television. Following this, he opened a new shop and built a stone in it.

Similarly, after attending the Bigg Boss show, Gabriella is also starring in the Vijay TV series Wet Rose which is airing. He also recently posted photos of his new car on his social media site.

Following them, Anita Sampath, who is popular through the Big Boss show, has posted a photo of her newly bought house on her social networking site. He also recorded that it was his biggest dream. He has got a lot of film opportunities after this show.

Anita Sampath, who initially worked as a spokesperson for Sun TV, became acquainted with the fans through the Big Boss show. He received negative reviews on the show. But for weeks Bigbos kept attacking at home.

In this situation, Anita Sampath had acted in films including Kappan and Annatha. She is acting in a film as Vimal’s younger sister. In this situation, many people are congratulating Anita Sampath for buying her own house. Thus many celebrities on Vijay TV are remembering their dreams.

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