Big Boss celebrity who made Rashmika ‘push away’ .. The reason is Commander Vijay

Commander 66

Beast is a film currently being made starring Vijay. The film will be followed by Vijay’s Commander 66.

Indian sensation actress Rashmika Mandana has committed to co-star with Vijay in the film. The pooja of the film was put up recently.

During this puja, Rashmika used to do things like taking care of Vijay, standing close to him and taking photos.

Kalaitha Kajal

In this case, the Bigg Boss celebrity, Kajal Pashupati, who saw this, was jealous because he is a Vijay fan and recorded ‘Stay away’.

While many Vijay fans have been watching this, Rashmika’s fans are angry with Kajal Pashupati.

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