Big Shot Episode 10: What to Expect?


In ‘Big Shot’ episode 9, Marvyn weighs out the pros and cons of joining another school as the head coach. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance of coaching a well-known team, and he seems eager to take it. But the girls feel betrayed and abandoned. Emma delivers a brilliant performance in the school play titled ‘Beth Macbeth.’ To know more about the episode, you should check out the recap. Before the next episode drops, we’d like to take you through all the details for ‘Big Shot’ episode 10.

Big Shot Episode 10 Release Date

‘Big Shot’ episode 10 is set to release on June 18, 2021, at 3 am ET on Disney . The show is set to air its season finale this Friday.

Where to Watch Big Shot Episode 10 Online?

You can watch the season finale of ‘Big Shot’ on the Disney website or mobile app once it drops on the platform. It is a Disney Original, and fans subscribed to the House of Mouse streaming service can access the show exclusively on the streamer.

Big Shot Episode 10 Spoilers

‘Big Shot’ episode 10 is titled ‘Marvyn’s Playbook.’ In the next episode Marvyn might finally make a decision regarding his offer from UCSB. He seems to have half a heart to leave Westbrook. Meanwhile, the girls need to win one more match to enter Division Two, which might distract them momentarily from the blow caused by Marvyn’s potential departure. Furthermore, Carlsbad will be accused of stealing their playbook.

Big Shot Episode 9 Recap

In ‘Big Shot’ episode 9 titled ‘Beth MacBeth,’ Marvyn Korn is hired as the head coach of UCSB. He drives to the school and is bewildered at the sight of their spectacular court. Arielle reassuringly states that this is where he truly belongs. Marvyn considers accepting the offer and Informs Holly about his possible departure. Emma’s mother proposes signing her up for prep school in Wisconsin, but she is devastated even at the thought of leaving. During the dress rehearsal, she gets into a fight with Harper, who has manipulated her mother into giving her the lead role. Marvyn meets the star players of the new team he is about to coach and seems prepared for the job. Later, he consoles a distraught Emma telling her that she does not have to leave the city.

Elsewhere, Christina reveals that she took Destiny in as a child because her birth parents were considering putting her up for adoption. Meanwhile, the board is reluctant to let Holly replace Marvyn as the head coach. Before Marvyn even gets the chance to break it to them, the girls figure out the truth through video footage where Holly is cheering him on for his new job. Marvyn relays his gratitude to everyone showing up for the play, but Destiny states that they are present just because of Emma. Marvyn tries his best to explain how important it is for him to take this step. But the girls are furious. Emma delivers a powerful performance as the one who beheads Beth Macbeth, a character sacrificing his family and friendship for power and position. Marvyn wonders if he is the same.

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