Bigg Boss 15 runner-up Pratik Sehajpal: ‘The aim was never to defeat Karan Kundrra’


Bigg Boss 15 wrapped up closing weekend but the buzz around the contestants appear to be by no means-ending. Pratik Sehajpal, who ended his stride as a runner-up, has change into the nation’s favourite. On the truth sing their own praises, he became once pitched in opposition to Karan Kundrra, his mentor and even a decide on his outdated sing their own praises (Fancy College). On Bigg Boss 15, they had more than one fights and didn’t in point of fact fragment a sizable bond. Pratik’s fans have been lauding him as he managed to defeat the current neatly-known particular person but for him that became once by no means the aim.

“I wasn’t on the sing their own praises to defeat Karan Kundrra or moderately somebody. I became once there to shield shut the sing their own praises. Be it the trophy or take care of, I knew I will step out as a victorious man. The kind of messages I salvage on social media strengthens my perception that I did one thing properly,” he shared in a chat with

Pratik Sehajpal’s pretty perfect friend Nishant Bhat took the 10 lakh briefcase and walked out of the sing their own praises. For him, that became once by no means the likelihood as he became once on the sing their own praises to shield shut. Speaking about Nishant and his bond, the mannequin-actor said that he’s thankful for the improve, and answered the critics who felt he didn’t attain the identical for his perfect friend. “He continuously took a stand for me. We had an settlement between us that whereas we are able to be there for each and each plenty of, we’re free to construct at some point soon of our factors and improve plenty of causes too. When the VIPs entered, he went entirely in opposition to me. Essentially the most efficient piece about my friendship with him is that even previous all fights and arguments, we stuck together.”

Pratik shared that he, Nishant and Shamita, lovingly known as PraNiSha by fans, had been an undefeatable pack within the condominium. “Along with her, I knew we had been each and each plenty of’s improve but I by no means thought we would pause up as such pretty traffic. When I became once upset at some point soon of one among the Tag to Finale responsibilities, I could peek tears in her eyes as she consoled me. We in point of fact held each and each plenty of at some stage at some point soon of the sing their own praises and that’s pretty handsome. I am in point of fact thankful to Nishant and Shamita as they gave me so well-known take care of. This stride would have been incomplete without them.”

Rather plenty of oldsters mediate that Pratik Sehajpal didn’t take grasp of the Bigg Boss 15 trophy because of he stopped taking a stand for himself. Be it his fight with Karan and even Umar Riaz, where he became once pushed, he by no means took the topic seriously. Sharing that whereas he is fully in opposition to violence, when it comes on him, he doesn’t know ‘how well-known is simply too well-known’.

“The home is a extremely sophisticated one and the reveal is with a view to manipulate yourself. One has to particular their emotions without getting bodily. Alternatively, I additionally realise that normally it’s no longer likely. I by no means took it up with the makers or asked Bigg Boss to evict people that got violent with me. And it became once entirely because of I do know how well-known it takes to be on the platform. I’d by no means wish to crush anyone else’s dream. Each person gained their pretty to be on Bigg Boss and I’d by no means wish to be the one snatching that away,” he said.

Lastly addressing rumours of him dating Akasa Singh, Pratik Sehajpal smiled to fragment that they’re ‘very pretty traffic’. He added, “We cared for each and each plenty of on the sing their own praises. And it became once all passable. She is an obliging woman and if she had got a possibility to stop longer, she would have completed wonders. We’re in point of fact sizable traffic and I desire her the full most efficient.”

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