Bigg Boss Ultimate: Meet all the contestants of Kamal Haasan’s first OTT show


The principle season of Bigg Boss Final, the OTT model of the present, modified into launched at an limitless tournament on Sunday. The hardcore followers of the present can now explore the happenings all around the dwelling round the clock. The 24×7 feed will be available for streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar. And the showrunners will truly non-public a concise 90-minute episode of the day on the OTT platform.

The showrunners cited what they claim to be of us’s limitless curiosity to peek what goes on all around the dwelling all around the day to open this kind of structure in Tamil.

Necessary person Kamal Haasan, who has been the face of the Bigg Boss Tamil since its inception in 2017, returned because the host of the maiden season of the Bigg Boss Final. At some stage in the open tournament, the actor neatly-known that he wouldn’t poke over a likelihood to back up with the rapid-evolving face of entertainment.

“I came from the expansive cloak cloak to the limited cloak cloak and now from the limited cloak cloak, my occupation has led me to screens on hand-held devices. And I will be there when my occupation takes me to the screens of wristwatches. In particular, a present dangle Bigg Boss, which helped me to expose my simply self, coming to the OTT, I gained’t poke over it for one thing,” Kamal stated in his opening speech.

The showrunners non-public brought back the most standard, controversial and illustrious contestants of previous seasons, giving them a 2nd likelihood to non-public interaction over the viewers, redeem themselves for their previous mistakes and claim the coveted title. As many as 14 previous school contestants reentered the present on Sunday. A few of the crucial contestants had been simply evicted from season 5 of Bigg Boss Tamil, which ended earlier this month.

#BBUltimate-ன் பிரம்மாண்ட ஆரம்பம் நாளை மாலை 6: 30 மணிக்கு.. உங்கள் #disneyplushotstar-ல்.. #BBUltimateGrandLaunch

— Disney Hotstar Tamil (@disneyplusHSTam) January 29, 2022

Niroop Nandakumar

Bigg Boss Final இல்லத்தில் Niroop.. #BBUltimate

— Disney Hotstar Tamil (@disneyplusHSTam) January 30, 2022

He modified into with no doubt one of many 5 finalists of season 5. He’s notorious for shouting at his opponents.

Thamarai Selvi

Bigg Boss Final இல்லத்தில் Thamarai.. #BBUltimate

— Disney Hotstar Tamil (@disneyplusHSTam) January 30, 2022

She modified into with no doubt one of many most standard contestants of season 5. Her claim to reputation modified into her admire-hate relationship with fellow contestant Priyanka Deshpande in the previous season. She isn’t any stranger to controversies.

Suruthi Periyasamy

Bigg Boss Final இல்லத்தில் Suruthi.. #BBUltimate

— Disney Hotstar Tamil (@disneyplusHSTam) January 30, 2022

She didn’t construct any solid impact in season 5. It remains to be considered what she would attain in a completely different contrivance this time.

Abhinay Vaddi

Bigg Boss Final இல்லத்தில் Abhinay.. #BBUltimate

— Disney Hotstar Tamil (@disneyplusHSTam) January 30, 2022

He courted controversy in season 5 over his relationship with fellow contestant Pavni Reddy. He kept all housemates, including Pavni, and the viewers guessing, whether or no longer he had feelings for Pavni.

Maria Juliana

#BBUltimate இல்லத்தில் இன்று.. #Day1 #Promo2 #NowStreaming simplest on #disneyplushotstar..

— Disney Hotstar Tamil (@disneyplusHSTam) January 31, 2022

She is popularly identified as Julie. At some stage in season one, she turned enemy number 1 of Tamil Nadu when she double-crossed Oviya who at the time modified into the favourite of the viewers.

Vanitha Vijayakumar

#BBUltimate இல்லத்தில் இன்று.. #Day1 #Promo1 #NowStreaming simplest on #disneyplushotstar..

— Disney Hotstar Tamil (@disneyplusHSTam) January 31, 2022

For her surviving on the present means turning into the indispensable source of battle and drama in the dwelling. And that didn’t support her fetch a ways in the third season. Does she non-public a brand contemporary sport realizing?

Abhirami Venkatachalam

Her efforts to procure admire in the dwelling didn’t terminate neatly at some level of the third season. One can’t support but surprise, what’s she hoping to procure on the present now?

Thaadi Balaji

Entertainer Thaadi Balaji is the sixth contestant to enter #BBUltimate #BBUltimateGrandLaunch#BBUltimateRasigan

— Kolly Buzz (@KollyBuzz) January 30, 2022

He participated in the 2nd season of Bigg Boss Tamil. And washed soiled linen of his failed marriage on the present even as his estranged wife Nithya modified into also with no doubt one of many contestants of the season.

Balaji Murugadoss

Overjoyed to peek bala anna with kh sir.

Indulge in thier bond🤗🤗🤗#BalajiMurugadoss#BBUltimate

— BalajiMurugadoss bb4❤ (@balaji_bb4) January 30, 2022

He modified into the runner up of the fourth season. His unchecked arouse and violent behaviour payment him the tip prize. Has he modified now?

Anitha Sampath

She modified into in the fourth season. And she or he doesn’t anxious away from an argument.

Suja Varunee

Bigg Boss Final இல்லத்தில் Suja.. #BBUltimate

— Disney Hotstar Tamil (@disneyplusHSTam) January 30, 2022

She walked into the present after Oviya received evicted herself for violating dwelling rules in season one. And she or he modified into accused of looking out for to mimic Oviya to non-public interaction over the viewers. If it had been simply, it didn’t work for her in the previous.

Suresh Chakravarthi

He has no qualms in carrying his cunningness on his sleeves. He’s a effort-maker and a peace breaker. He modified into in season 4.

Shariq Hassan

Bigg Boss Final இல்லத்தில் Shariq.. #BBUltimate

— Disney Hotstar Tamil (@disneyplusHSTam) January 30, 2022

He modified into the youngest contestant to be portion of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. He also made his television debut with season 2. But, he didn’t construct a impress.


#BBUltimate-ல் சினேகன்!! #YaaruAnthaHousemate

— Disney Hotstar Tamil (@disneyplusHSTam) January 24, 2022

He modified into the runner up of season 1. And he modified into standard for two things: his narrate of the Tamil language and his dependancy of hugging each person in the dwelling.

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