Michaela Coel is in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and fans think she could be playing Storm. Lukas Werneck drew a wonderful version of the star in character. When the news broke out yesterday, the MCU fandom was thrilled to hear the I May Destroy You actress would be teaming up with Ryan Coogler and crew for the sequel. After that initial excitement wore off though, attention turned to who she could be playing in the film. Black Panther’s universe offers a lot of options for who she could bring to life on the big screen. Despite worthy ideas like Madam Slay, but the fans are hungry for some X-Men and this could be an entry point where the mutants come into view. Loki’s big ending for Season 1 has greatly enhanced all the possibilities with this one. So, it will be interesting to see how it goes as the film approaches.


VEM AÍ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://t.co/eaIHkdauUm pic.twitter.com/fLxaS7OTR5

— Bolovo (@LukasWerneck) July 21, 2021

ET recently spoke with Angela Bassett about the upcoming film. It seems as though the story is still taking some shape. “There have been about five incarnations of the script and I hear another one’s coming,” Bassett explained. “Of course, with our dear king going on to glory, a lot of things had to be shifted and changed, so thankfully, Ryan [Coogler] and Joe Robert Cole, they’re just such masterful storytellers that they’ve found a way into this world and hopefully it will be satisfying, I think, for the fans and it will be honorable of our Chad. We love our king.”

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Excited to hear Michaela Coel is joining Black Panther II: Wakanda Forever.

I’ve been imagining her as STORM for a while now! It’s almost too much to hope for!!! pic.twitter.com/D5e5aQHyDV

— Aman Chaudhary – Artist✌🏽🏳️‍🌈 (@AmanCreates) July 22, 2021