Black Widow Writer Reveals How Marvel Easter Eggs Are Made (Exclusive)

Black Widow Writer Reveals How Marvel Easter Eggs Are Made (Exclusive)

Marvel Easter Eggs were all over Black Widow and one of the writers revealed how they decide how to make them. Eric Pearson joined the Phase Zero podcast here on to talk about the long-awaited MCU feature. The movie had a lot to chew on for fans of the series. Pearson says that some of the nods come naturally, while some come from unexpected moments with the creative team. One cool note from the conversation was how the writer weighs including some of the more obscure members of the entire Marvel landscape. (Basically, a game of, will Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios need this character later.) It’s all very thoughtful stuff and you can read his comments right here down below.

“We just do them as… Crimson Dynamo, I literally just threw in there as delegate. It felt like the right thing because Yelena shit talks are family in a snarky way. It felt on character for her the same way that she says, ‘Oh, if Dreykov killed you.’ To Natasha, she said, ‘If Dreykov killed you, one of the big ones would come get you.’ ‘What do you mean the big ones,’ implying that she’s not a big Avenger, that she’s not a God from space or a rage monster that’s just needling. When she’s pissed at Alexi, she’s going to need a limb and call him by the wrong name intentionally. And so for some reason, Crimson Dynamo was in my head. I remembered it from a childhood.”

“I didn’t read any comics or do any research. I just threw it in there as dialogue as like, ‘Well, if someone has a problem with it at Marvel, they’re going to let me know.’ And then everybody read it, no one had a problem and then that draft just remained, remained. No one had a problem. I was like, ‘Okay, there we go.’ That one just made it through. Sometimes Marvel will come to you of like, ‘Oh, we’ve got this thing. Here’s a way to sneak this in,’ and it’s not a mandate, but a suggestion that’s 99% of the time correct. You should just do it. It’s a free win. And also, I think that’s some of the brilliance is that they’re planting all these seeds, but they’re not watching… I’m going to make some metaphors here. They’re planting seeds, but they’re not watching pots waiting for them to boil.”

“They plant the seeds and then if they’re organically doing something else and they’re like, ‘Oh wait, would having Russian bear be helpful for a streaming series two years from now or would the reveal that the Crimson Dynamo has been out there and wherever, would that be helpful in Avengers Eight?’ It’s there. It’s there if you need it and I think as long as you’re not actively disrupting something else that someone else is doing somewhere else in the universe, I feel like you get rewarded for adding to the playgrounds.”


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