Black Widow’s Red Room Spies Came From All Over the World

Black Widow’s Red Room Spies Came From All Over the World

Black Widow director Cate Shortland explained how far Marvel had to go to scout their Widows. In the latest MCU film, Natasha Romanoff is not the only super spy in town. In fact, she’s just one of the dozens throughout the picture. Her sister Yelena is rocking a catsuit and some of the same moves. By 15 mins into the film, it becomes clear that there are hundreds of operatives skulking around the shadows of this world, A.V. Club asked the director where all these lethal ladies came from. Shortland explained that Marvel did a global casting search to make sure that all regions were represented. The presence of so many different looks and ethnicities is noticeable throughout Black Widow. From these comments, you can see that Marvel meant business when it came to populating the Red Room for the Avenger’s big send-off.

Shortland said, “We cast our Widows from all across the world. So we had African widows, French widows, Norwegian widows, Korean, Chinese, British,” saying the goal was “to talk to all women.”

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“Sometimes when I watch action sequences, I want to go put the coffee on because I know the shape of it and what’s going to happen,” she continued. “I wanted [Black Widow] to feel fresh and I wanted it to feel like there were stakes.”

“If we see that she’s wounded, we actually feel what it takes to be a hero,” Shortland added. “If she’s Teflon coated and just wanders through a fight, there’s no grit. I want to feel my heroes deserve to be loved.”


In an exclusive interview with the director, she talked about the idea of some more time with all these Widows. “I think they’re all great characters and I think what people want is they want diversity. I think we want to see female superheroes kicking ass,” Shortland explained to’s Brandon Davis. “I think we’re all interested in seeing more of them.”

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