It may be hard to believe, but the Bleach manga has been out of commission for years now. The series came to a close in August 2016 to the despair of fans around the world. Of course, the fandom has pleaded for the story to make a comeback, and it seems their prayers were answered today. After all, a new chapter is coming for Bleach, and fans are losing their minds over the reveal.

The news went live this morning when Weekly Shonen Jump put out its newest promo. It was there fans were told a special chapter is about to join Bleach five years after it finished. The chapter is expected to go live in mid-August, and as you can see below, fans aren’t sure how to handle all the excitement.

Bleach 20th Anniversary
(Photo: Shueisha)

At this point, few details have been shared about the chapter, but we do know a little bit. According to reports, this special Bleach chapter will be published in honor of the manga’s 20th anniversary, and it will be over 70 pages long. Tite Kubo will be penning the chapter as expected, but we know little beyond these basics.

Of course, this reveal comes not long after the anime was brought back into the headlines. The hit show ended back in 2012, so a decade has almost passed since fans could watch Bleach. The anime ended well before the manga did, so fans have always wanted the show to come back just long enough to finish Ichigo’s story. As it turns out, this will be happening. The big news was dropped in March 2020, and fans expect the revival to launch in time for Bleach‘s 10-year anime anniversary.

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Okay, It’s Happening


— King Recon I Thank you Miura (@YoshidaShoyou) July 28, 2021


It’s True

Wait, a new Bleach chapter??? In the year 2021??? I gotta see this lol

— Naasi Nixon (@IceEffectFGC) July 28, 2021


We Understand

Fair warning I’m not shutting up about that Bleach chapter once it drops 🙏

— Gojo 🥀 (@GojoGotGame) July 28, 2021


Hype Too High

Woke up to the news that we getting a new Bleach chapter, YESSSUUUUUHHHHHHHHH😩😩😩😩, it feel amazing bring a bleach fan

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New Bleach chapter with 75 pages let’s GOOOOOOO

— Omar G (Training Arc) (@OmarAG2003) July 28, 2021


It Could Happen?

manifesting the anniversary bleach chapter making ichiruki canon and just ignoring the chapter that shall not be named

— tart 🌿 (@wyrmforge) July 28, 2021