Bloodshot 2: release date rumours and cast for Vin Diesel superhero sequel

Bloodshot 2: release date rumours and cast for Vin Diesel superhero sequel

Vin Diesel is officially returning to play the lead character in a new sequel to 2020’s Bloodshot.

The follow-up will once again explore the exploits of Ray Garrison, a former marine who was resurrected into the titular artificially augmented super-soldier in the first film, based on the 1992 Valiant comic series.

A sequel might come as a surprise to some film fans – the first movie was a critical failure and struggled at the box office, in part due to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic – but DMG CEO Dan Mintz has explained that the film’s success on VOD platforms played a big part in bringing around a second instalment.

“I think [Bloodshot] was very successful in that respect, a lot of people saw it and it did very well in the post-release rollout but you can’t use the same evaluation process, pre-COVID, to this,” he said to

“[Are] Vin Diesel and all those people going to still continue? Yes, because it did so well and the response to it has been so well, it’s just that the response has been in a non-transparent environment, as opposed to a transparent environment like box office numbers.”

Read on for everything you need to know about Bloodshot 2.

Bloodshot 2 release date

Although the film was confirmed to be in development in 2020, we’re still some way off a release date being announced – so the best we can do for now is make an educated guess.

No further announcements about production or shooting schedules have been made at this stage, so it seems that we’re probably still at least a couple of years away – some point in 2023 seems to be the best guess at the moment.

Of course, should any more official information reach us, we’ll update this page accordingly.

Bloodshot 2 cast

One thing we know for certain is that Vin Diesel will return to lead the cast – with the Fast and Furious star having confirmed his involvement in December 2020.

Beyond that, no further casting announcements have been made, but it’s likely we’d see some of the supporting cast from the first movie return – most likely Eiza Gonzalez as KT and Lamorne Morris as Wilfred Wigans.

Several characters were killed off in the first movie and therefore presumably won’t be back for this time (although in this universe resurrection is always a possibility) so it seems unlikely we’ll see more of Toby Kebbell, Tallulah Riley, Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson, Sam Heughan, and Guy Pearce.

It’s highly likely that we’d also see some new cast members – including some new villains – joining for the new film, and we’ll update this page when we hear any news on that front.

Bloodshot 2 plot

It’s far too early to know any plot details – but there’s a good chance that the sequel would adapt one of the many storylines featured in the Valiant comics, with Bloodshot likely to come up against some new enemies. We’ll update this page as soon as any more detailed information comes to light.

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