Blue Sattai Maran who indirectly attacked Sivakarthikeyan’s Don movie- Angry fans

Sivakarthikeyan starrer Don directed by CB Chakraborty has been released today. The 4am show was all about filming.

Sivakarthikeyan has seen the film in the hit theaters along with the show fans from day one. Fans who saw him took photos and videos of everything in Chema Kushi.

Only good reviews are coming for the film, but only one person has hit the film badly.

Blue Sattai Maran who indirectly attacked Sivakarthikeyan's Don movie- Angry fans

Dawn Review

Blue Sattai Maran does not even say a single picture correctly, always gets into a lot of trouble by giving negative reviews.

Currently, all the fans are celebrating the movie Don, who has indirectly posted a photo of the situation for the movie Don.

Fans who saw his photo are scolding him in a fit of rage.

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