Blue shirt Maran who attacked Vijay! This was before the Beast release

Actor Vijay had recently gone to the wedding reception of their daughter AGS Kalpathy Agoram.

Stalin – Vijay meeting

Vijay greeted the bride and groom and at that time the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Stalin came and the two met and talked. Those videos and photos went viral on the internet.

With just a few days to go before the release of the Beast movie, some are raising the question of whether such a meeting was a coincidence.

Criticized Blue T-shirt Maran

Film critic and director Blue T-shirt Maran has been critical of Vijay in this regard.

In Puducherry alone, Beast has been given a three-fold hike in fares after Vijay met the Chief Minister.

“Does Vijay meet the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and New Delhi only to ask for 100% permission, ticket increase, special screening permission only during the release of his film as Talaiva, Master, Beast? Similarly, does he often meet the Chief Minister on non-release days for the benefit of the people? – Tamil Nadu People’s Question” Blue T-shirt Maran posted. Is.

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