‘Bulgasal’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending – Did Hwal No doubt Assassinate Sang-Un’s Family?


In Episode 3 of Bulgasal, Hwal meets the younger sister of Sang Un, who looks admire his past partner and is evidently her reincarnation. When she sees him for the fundamental time, she finds him unfamiliar, no longer like Sang Un. Hwal is now caught in his karma, and his beliefs and morals are tested. He wants to avenge his family’s loss of life, nevertheless to full so. He’ll want to smash his partner’s most unusual family member, i.e., Sang Un. The build will this warfare result in? Let’s discover what occurs in Bulgasal Episode 4.

‘Bulgasal’ Episode 4: Recap

Hwal lives in a solitary dwelling that looks to be admire it is far nervous. The dwelling has rarely felt the presence of a residing human being. The handiest human who has ever stepped into his dwelling is Hye Suk, who delivers animal blood to him assuredly and knows his secret. But this time, he has a visitor, or a trespasser.

Hwal had brought the monster’s automotive when he met him the final time. The monster had hidden a highschool student he had kidnapped at some level of the automotive. Whereas Hwal is out doing somewhat work, the limited one, Kill Yoon, sneaks into Hwal’s dwelling and even goes into Hwal’s room, where he sees all his reputedly mysterious objects. Contrarily, Kill Yoon is no longer nervous of any of it and will get clingy to Hwal after they meet.

Sang Un is no longer feeling true anymore and wants to pass out, nevertheless Si Ho has a reason to discontinuance. She is pregnant, and her boyfriend does no longer are seeking to interact accountability. She can be able to not manage to pay for to pass out and commence a brand unusual life within the intervening time. Si Ho reassures Sang Un that they would possibly be able to earn by draw of this and that she is going to gain a technique to smash Bulgasal. She still doesn’t take into accout what Sang Yeon had told her prior to dying. Sang Un meets the primitive girl (who used to be Sang Yeon’s sister in her past life), hoping to earn a methodology to place away with the monster chasing her. The primitive girl is no longer mentally true, nevertheless she tells Sang Un the most convenient contrivance to smash Bulgasal is by draw of her. What did the primitive girl express to Sang Un, and is it in actuality that you would possibly perchance perchance perhaps imagine to smash Bulgasal?

Why Hwal Encounters People From The Previous?

Detective Kwon primitive to work for the police prior to turning into a non-public detective. He misplaced his job after he couldn’t resolve the discontinuance case of Sang Un’s family. When Detective Ku tells him about Hwal, who has been shopping for Sang Un for 15 years, he digs for more files on Hwal. Seeing how adamant Kwon is, Ku provides him Hwal’s cell amount. Hwal doesn’t remove up calls from strangers, nevertheless Kill Yoon spots Hwal’s cell cell phone and picks up Kwon’s call. Though Kill Yoon is suspicious of Kwon, he provides him the dwelling tackle. Kwon takes Kill Yoon to search out Hwal, as he acknowledges him by face.

The duo region Hwal combating with the rain monster. Kwon runs in direction of Hwal to discontinuance him, nevertheless Hwal is taken aback when he sees Kwon’s face. Kwon looks admire his father; he is the reincarnation of the Total of Goryeo. First, his partner and now his father, Hwal’s past, looks to be in his life but as soon as more. Hye Suk, who delivered him the blood, used to be a shaman in her past life and knew Hwal. She had told him years ago that in the end his karma would send the total of us abet into his life, either as company or enemies. It looks admire that time has lastly near in his life.

‘Bulgasal’ Episode 4: Ending – Is There One more Bulgasal?

The rain monster attacks Si Ho when she is by myself at her dwelling, nevertheless fortuitously, Hwal arrives there and saves her. Si Ho would possibly perchance perchance perhaps presumably also look of us’s pasts in her past life by touching them. She carries this skill in this life as well. When Hwal’s fingers by likelihood touch hers, she sees something tainted and thus hides it from Hwal. Hwal has an informer tailing Sang Un all around the build. When the informer speaks to Hwal about Sang Un meeting the primitive girl, he all of a sudden disappears from the choice. Suspicious, Hwal drives to the nursing dwelling and finds a monster attacking Sang Un.

Hwal hits the monster in conjunction with his automotive, nevertheless the monster all of a sudden disappears. Sang Un runs away into the woods, and Hwal follows her. Sang Un confronts him and asks why he killed her family. Surprisingly, Hwal answers that he didn’t. On the day of the discontinuance, he used to be following Sang Un, and when he heard screams from her condominium, he went as a lot as search out out all individuals other than Sang Un used to be unnecessary. He would possibly perchance perchance perhaps presumably also’ve killed Sang Un abet then, nevertheless he didn’t as a result of seeing her unnecessary family. The monster who attacked Sang Un returns to the woods to glimpse for her. Hwal orders Sang Un to bustle away.

Hwal and the monster earn into a strive in opposition to, and the monster shows his proper design. He’s none varied than a Bulgasal. He claims that he had been residing for about a years prior to Hwal became a Bulgasal. He drinks human blood and is more potent than Hwal. He without grief defeats Hwal and runs dreary Sang Un. He yells at her for changing into a human and betraying him. Hwal is stabbed by a sword and is desperate. He pulls the sword out of his body, nevertheless the assorted Bulgsal feels the effort too. He becomes extinct and falls on his knees. Hwal stabs him with the identical sword to function him weaker. He runs away, leaving Sang Un dreary. Sang Un tells Hwal that handiest a Bulgasal can smash a Bulgasal. That’s what Sang Yeon and the primitive girl accept as true with told her.

Sang Un’s perception in Hwal killing his family has been confirmed injurious, and but some other Bulgasal who in actuality killed her family has seemed. Hwal has handiest helped her till now every time they’ve met. The episode leaves Sang Un and Hwal in a conflicting grief. What’s going to doubtless be the connection between Sang Un and the assorted Bulgasal? Episode 5 would possibly perchance perchance perhaps presumably also acknowledge how all of them are linked.

Bulgasal Episode 4 is streaming on Netflix.

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