‘Bulgasal’ Episode 5: Recap/Ending – Why Bulgasal Can’t Kill Sang Un?


In Episode 4 of Bulgasal, one other Bulgasal made a elegant appearance and attacked Sang Un and Hwal. Hwal attacked the monster in his outmoded order, and the monster ran away. On the other hand, in Bulgasal Episode 5, he approaches Hwal again and arranges a gathering with him. How did Bulgasal change into outmoded? And what’s he plotting with Hwal in opposition to Sang Un? Let’s safe out.

Hwal Pledges To Offer protection to Sang Un

Hwal takes Sang Un home and locks her as a lot as give protection to her from Bulgasal. The other Bulgasal is also behind Sang Un’s soul, and Hwal can’t let him have interaction her away. He had waited bigger than 600 years to safe revenge on her. Sang Un and Si Ho are in real risk as the real Bulgasal who killed their household has approach lend a hand. Although Sang Un is friendly with Hwal, Si Ho is anticipating Sang Un to approach lend a hand home. Hwal makes sure to support his past-life wife friendly as properly and sends Hye Suk for her security. Bulgasal is far stronger than Hwal. Will Hwal be in a local to support both of them friendly?

What Occurs At Bulgasal’s Assembly?

Bulgasal calls Hwal for a gathering regarding their mutual passion, i.e., killing Sang Un. Over the 1000 years of his life, he has tailored to human life and has completely blended himself among them. He goes by the alias “Okay Eul Tae” and lives a lavish standard of living, even ingesting human meals and blood. While discussing his old lives, Eul Tae reveals to Hwal that he has killed Sang Un in every of his seven births. If Eul Tae kills her soul for the eighth time, it might per chance probably well per chance vanish forever, and he or she obtained’t ever be born again. Thus, breaking the chain of rebirth. On the other hand, the topic is that he cannot kill her this time. Why?

Sang Un and Sang Yeon share two ingredients of a single soul. With Sang Yeon long past, Sang Un carries the relaxation of the soul. On the other hand, Eul Tae has a unlit hole on his chest for causes simplest Sang Yeon knew. Per him, it is miles a curse left by Sang Yeon on him that obtained’t let him kill Sang Un. Hence, Eul Tae wants Hwal’s reduction to kill Sang Un. Hwal is in doubt about Eul Tae’s offer. As they drag away, Eul Tae warns Hwal to no longer belief Sang Un. He tries to convince Hwal that she is their frequent enemy, and now the fate of Sang Un lies in Hwal’s fingers.

Bulgasal Episode 5: Ending

Si Ho develop into as soon as friendly with Hye Suk till she stumbled on Hye Suk’s checklist with Hwal and ran away. On the other hand, detective Kwon rescues Sang Un while Hwal leaves to meet Eul Tae. On the other hand, Hwal arrives gracious on the time to have interaction Sang Un. He takes her to the properly that he has constructed to imprison the real Bulgasal, i.e., Sang Un, and safe his soul lend a hand.

In the meantime, Eul Tae waits for Hwal to bring Sang Un to him. When Hwal is about to kill Sang Un, Hye Suk comes operating, shouting that Si Ho has long past lacking. Hwal calls Eul Tae and finds out that Eul Tae ordered a water monster to abduct Si Ho. Sang Un is ready to sacrifice herself to give protection to her sister, but Hwal guarantees to set Si Ho.

Eul Tae is a narcissistic Bulgasal who holds energy and knows overpower his enemies. He threatens Hwal to kill him in every human life if he takes away Sang Un’s soul since it might per chance probably well per chance bog down Eul Tae’s simplest probability to kill Sang Un. If Hwal kills Sang Un, Eul Tae will change into human again, and Sang Un will change into a Bulgasal. Hwal has also kept a grudge in opposition to Sang Un for hundreds of years and can no longer quit on her without problems. Between this fight of two Bulgasals, Sang Un is ready to present in if it concerns her sister’s security. Three beings must avenge one yet any other, but simplest one will lift. In the next episode, we’re going so to search out out if Si Ho is alive and can Hwal set her from the monster? If it happens, it might per chance probably well per chance change into a contest between the two Bulgasals.

Bulgasal Episode 5 is streaming on Netflix.

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