‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 11 & 12: Recap/Ending – Is Eul-tae Not The Root Of All Evil?


In the previous episodes of Bulgasal: Immortal Souls, Eul Tae tries to abolish Form Yun, whom Hwal recognizes as his son from the past life. Form Yun manages to live to verbalize the story and tells Hwal the reality. Eul Tae has certainly killed Hwal’s family and grew to become him into a Bulgasal. Hwal doesn’t belief Eul Tae anymore, and Sang Un is free from suspicion for now. Hwal goes to procure his revenge on Eul Tae, nonetheless a exquisite surprise awaits him. What also can it be? Let’s acquire out.

Hwal Goes After Eul-tae

After Form Yun beneficial properties consciousness and unearths Eul Tae’s exact face, Hwal moves each person to a safer location because it turns into advantageous that the exact battle is set to originate up now. Eul Tae is conscious of the assign they’re residing, and he can become violent now that his reality is out. After shifting to their hideout, Sang Un urges Hwal to let her attend him purchase Eul Tae because she also wishes to procure revenge for her expressionless family. Hwal has the same opinion in conjunction with her, nonetheless when the time comes, he locks her within the storeroom and leaves her to fight Eul Tae by myself.

Hwal and Eul Tae meet on the successfully that Hwal has constructed to rob Bulgasal. Eul Tae already is conscious of about Hwal’s opinion to rob him in a successfully, nonetheless he is more extremely fine than him. He wishes to defend himself and likewise wishes Hwal by his aspect. Eul Tae is taking part in obliging, nonetheless Hwal stabs him in his shadowy hole and Eul Tae screams in disaster. He’s bleeding and begins running away as Hwal chases him. Eul Tae is changing into weaker, nonetheless he is easy telling Hwal to not belief Sang Un. He spurts out why he killed Hwal’s family and grew to become him into a Bulgasal and accuses Sang Un of making both of them fight and abolish every other. Is Eul Tae telling the reality or deceiving Hwal?

What Is The Simplest Draw To Cancel Bulgasal?

Hwal goes without Sang Un to fight with Eul Tae. On this accomplish-or-die topic, Sang Un and Si Ho are looking to attend Hwal in any capacity that that you can contemplate of. Even supposing she is pregnant, Si Ho tries to review Sang Un’s past as Kim Hwa Younger to search out a capacity to abolish Eul Tae. Their sister, Sang Yeon, had told Sang Un before dying that the sword mature to abolish a Bulgasal used to be a Bulgasal itself, which capacity only a Bulgasal can abolish one more. Hence, Hwal is the top most likely individual that can abolish Eul Tae nonetheless doesn’t know easy techniques to perform it because he believes that a Bulgasal is immortal.

Through Hwa Younger, Si Ho hears the secret to killing a Bulgasal, nonetheless they continuously attain in pairs, and to extinguish them, both Bulgasals must stab every other on the identical time. To abolish Eul Tae, Hwal also has to die and sacrifice himself. Si Ho isn’t troubled by it as she isn’t very fond of Hwal, nonetheless Sang Un feels uneasy about it. She runs to search out Hwal and Eul Tae on the successfully, nonetheless an injured Eul Tae has already bustle off and escaped from Hwal.

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 12: Ending

Sang Un and Hwal drive in the direction of the forest to search out the injured Eul Tae. Eul Tae has misplaced so mighty blood that his body has grew to become wrinkled and grey. He’s mendacity helplessly within the forest when Hwal finds him. He’s time and again asking Hwal to attend him and not Sang Un. Eul Tae tells him the exact story behind their being the Bulgasals. Unless now, we knew that Hwal used to be a human grew to become into a Bulgasal and Eul Tae used to be the distinctive one, nonetheless what Eul Tae unearths entirely changes the narrative.

When Eul Tae used to be ill as a human, he had requested the distinctive Bulgasal to turn him into a Bulgasal as successfully, in dispute that he also can accomplish broad strength. That authentic Bulgasal, who used to be none as antagonistic to Hwal, had grew to become on him nonetheless had also taken a promise from him. He had requested Eul Tae to construct him bulgasal again. To preserve this promise, Eul Tae killed Hwal’s family and grew to become him into a Bulgasal. 

Whereas Hwal and Eul Tae are conversing within the forest, Eul Tae’s hitman assaults Sang Un, who is waiting in a car. He stabs her precisely the assign Hwal had stabbed her when she used to be a Bulgasal. In her protection, she fiercely assaults the killer. She does that involuntarily, and the terrified killer runs off to Eul Tae. A queer factor occurs when Hwal brings the injured Sang Un dwelling and Sang Un is treating her disaster. She begins remembering her past life memories and feels a tough sense of energy that is past her control.

As Sang Un remembers her past, she is changing into a supreme person, as if two spirits are residing within the identical body. Sang Un is not any longer up to bound of herself and is getting dizzy. Hwal hears the noise and goes to test on her. Sang Un’s innocent eyes personal the peek of wicked, and he or she stabs Hwal. Did Hwal construct a mistake by trusting Sang Un? Must easy he contain depended on Eul Tae as a change?

The mystery surrounding the exact Bulgasal pair deepens as Eul Tae calls Hwal the exact Bulgasal, and Sang Un also begins exhibiting indicators of monstrosity. Hye Suk has made a prophecy that if past memories are introduced attend, each person will be killed. If Sang Un for sure remembers her past, will she prove to be the exact devil, disguised as an angel?

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