‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 11 & 12: Recap/Ending – Is Eul-tae Not The Root Of All Evil?


Within the outdated episodes of Bulgasal: Immortal Souls, Eul Tae tries to conclude Invent Yun, whom Hwal recognizes as his son from the past existence. Invent Yun manages to dwell on and tells Hwal the reality. Eul Tae has indeed killed Hwal’s family and grew to turn out to be him into a Bulgasal. Hwal doesn’t have faith Eul Tae anymore, and Sang Un is free from suspicion for now. Hwal is going to in finding his revenge on Eul Tae, however an dazzling surprise awaits him. What might perhaps also it be? Let’s fetch out.

Hwal Goes After Eul-tae

After Invent Yun good points consciousness and finds Eul Tae’s exact face, Hwal strikes each person to a safer feature as it turns into obvious that the exact battle is about to delivery up now. Eul Tae knows where they dwell, and he can turn out to be violent now that his reality is out. After sharp to their hideout, Sang Un urges Hwal to let her support him grab Eul Tae on chronicle of she moreover wants to in finding revenge for her needless family. Hwal agrees with her, however when the time comes, he locks her within the storeroom and leaves her to fight Eul Tae on my own.

Hwal and Eul Tae meet on the effectively that Hwal has constructed to clutch Bulgasal. Eul Tae already knows about Hwal’s opinion to clutch him in a effectively, however he is extra worthy than him. He wants to defend himself and moreover wants Hwal by his aspect. Eul Tae is playing rep, however Hwal stabs him in his darkish gap and Eul Tae screams in effort. He is bleeding and begins working away as Hwal chases him. Eul Tae is becoming weaker, however he is clean telling Hwal to now not have faith Sang Un. He spurts out why he killed Hwal’s family and grew to turn out to be him into a Bulgasal and accuses Sang Un of creating both of them fight and conclude every assorted. Is Eul Tae telling the reality or deceiving Hwal?

What Is The Simplest Capability To Raze Bulgasal?

Hwal goes without Sang Un to fight with Eul Tae. On this attain-or-die roar, Sang Un and Si Ho are seeking to support Hwal in any manner conceivable. Even even if she is pregnant, Si Ho tries to glimpse Sang Un’s past as Kim Hwa Younger to search out a sort to conclude Eul Tae. Their sister, Sang Yeon, had told Sang Un sooner than loss of life that the sword damaged-down to conclude a Bulgasal became as soon as a Bulgasal itself, meaning handiest a Bulgasal can conclude every other. Subsequently, Hwal is the handiest one that can conclude Eul Tae however doesn’t know strategies to achieve it on chronicle of he believes that a Bulgasal is immortal.

By Hwa Younger, Si Ho hears the secret to killing a Bulgasal, however they continuously attain in pairs, and to conclude them, both Bulgasals make a selection to stab every assorted on the the same time. To conclude Eul Tae, Hwal moreover has to die and sacrifice himself. Si Ho isn’t bothered by it as she isn’t very enthusiastic by Hwal, however Sang Un feels uneasy about it. She runs to search out Hwal and Eul Tae on the effectively, however an injured Eul Tae has already disappear off and escaped from Hwal.

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 12: Ending

Sang Un and Hwal drive towards the wooded self-discipline to search out the injured Eul Tae. Eul Tae has misplaced so worthy blood that his body has grew to turn out to be wrinkled and grey. He is mendacity helplessly within the wooded self-discipline when Hwal finds him. He is many cases asking Hwal to support him and now not Sang Un. Eul Tae tells him the exact legend on the attend of their being the Bulgasals. Except now, we knew that Hwal became as soon as a human grew to turn out to be into a Bulgasal and Eul Tae became as soon as the customary one, however what Eul Tae finds fully adjustments the legend.

When Eul Tae became as soon as ill as a human, he had requested the customary Bulgasal to flip him into a Bulgasal as effectively, so as that he might perhaps also make huge energy. That customary Bulgasal, who became as soon as none assorted than Hwal, had grew to turn out to be on him however had moreover taken a promise from him. He had requested Eul Tae to create him bulgasal again. To attend this promise, Eul Tae killed Hwal’s family and grew to turn out to be him into a Bulgasal. 

Whereas Hwal and Eul Tae are conversing within the wooded self-discipline, Eul Tae’s hitman assaults Sang Un, who’s waiting in a car. He stabs her exactly where Hwal had stabbed her when she became as soon as a Bulgasal. In her defense, she fiercely assaults the killer. She does that involuntarily, and the apprehensive killer runs off to Eul Tae. A weird and wonderful thing occurs when Hwal brings the injured Sang Un dwelling and Sang Un is treating her be troubled. She begins remembering her past existence memories and feels a worthy sense of vitality that is beyond her maintain watch over.

As Sang Un remembers her past, she is becoming a particular person, as if two spirits dwell within the the same body. Sang Un is now not any longer up to the mark of herself and is getting dizzy. Hwal hears the noise and goes to verify on her. Sang Un’s harmless eyes undergo the inquire of of immoral, and she stabs Hwal. Did Hwal create a mistake by trusting Sang Un? Might perhaps well well also clean he have relied on Eul Tae as a replace?

The mystery surrounding the exact Bulgasal pair deepens as Eul Tae calls Hwal the exact Bulgasal, and Sang Un moreover begins showing signs of monstrosity. Hye Suk has made a prophecy that if past memories are introduced attend, each person will be killed. If Sang Un in level of truth remembers her past, will she flip out to be the exact satan, disguised as an angel?

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