‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 11 & 12: Recap/Ending – Is Eul-tae Not The Root Of All Evil?


Within the previous episodes of Bulgasal: Immortal Souls, Eul Tae tries to assassinate Plan Yun, whom Hwal acknowledges as his son from the previous lifestyles. Plan Yun manages to dwell on and tells Hwal the truth. Eul Tae has indeed killed Hwal’s family and maintain change into him exact into a Bulgasal. Hwal would now not have faith Eul Tae anymore, and Sang Un is free from suspicion for now. Hwal goes to obtain his revenge on Eul Tae, but a gorgeous surprise awaits him. What could it be? Let’s uncover out.

Hwal Goes After Eul-tae

After Plan Yun positive elements consciousness and displays Eul Tae’s real face, Hwal strikes everyone to a safer remark because it becomes decided that the true battle is ready to launch up now. Eul Tae is conscious of where they are living, and he can change into violent now that his truth is out. After transferring to their hideout, Sang Un urges Hwal to let her abet him take Eul Tae because she moreover wants to obtain revenge for her lifeless family. Hwal agrees with her, but when the time comes, he locks her within the storeroom and leaves her to battle Eul Tae on my own.

Hwal and Eul Tae meet at the nicely that Hwal has constructed to shield shut Bulgasal. Eul Tae already is conscious of about Hwal’s knowing to shield shut him in a nicely, but he is extra extremely effective than him. He wants to shield himself and moreover desires Hwal by his side. Eul Tae is taking half in apt, but Hwal stabs him in his darkish hole and Eul Tae screams in trouble. He is bleeding and starts running away as Hwal chases him. Eul Tae is changing into weaker, but he is quiet telling Hwal to no longer have faith Sang Un. He spurts out why he killed Hwal’s family and maintain change into him exact into a Bulgasal and accuses Sang Un of making both of them battle and assassinate one one more. Is Eul Tae telling the truth or deceiving Hwal?

What Is The Greatest Capacity To Extinguish Bulgasal?

Hwal goes without Sang Un to battle with Eul Tae. On this do-or-die plot, Sang Un and Si Ho would prefer to abet Hwal in any formula that you just would possibly judge of. Even supposing she is pregnant, Si Ho tries to maintain a look at Sang Un’s previous as Kim Hwa Younger to search out a technique to assassinate Eul Tae. Their sister, Sang Yeon, had told Sang Un prior to death that the sword extinct to assassinate a Bulgasal used to be a Bulgasal itself, which formula completely a Bulgasal can assassinate one other. As a result of this truth, Hwal is the for sure one that can assassinate Eul Tae but doesn’t know how to do it because he believes that a Bulgasal is immortal.

Thru Hwa Younger, Si Ho hears the secret to killing a Bulgasal, but they constantly advance in pairs, and to extinguish them, both Bulgasals must stab one one more at the the same time. To assassinate Eul Tae, Hwal moreover has to die and sacrifice himself. Si Ho isn’t by it as she isn’t very engaging with Hwal, but Sang Un feels uneasy about it. She runs to search out Hwal and Eul Tae at the nicely, but an injured Eul Tae has already tear off and escaped from Hwal.

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 12: Ending

Sang Un and Hwal drive in direction of the forest to search out the injured Eul Tae. Eul Tae has misplaced so mighty blood that his body has modified into wrinkled and grey. He is mendacity helplessly within the forest when Hwal finds him. He is many cases asking Hwal to abet him and no longer Sang Un. Eul Tae tells him the true story within the wait on of their being the Bulgasals. Except now, we knew that Hwal used to be a human modified into exact into a Bulgasal and Eul Tae used to be the fashioned one, but what Eul Tae displays fully modifications the story.

When Eul Tae used to be unwell as a human, he had requested the fashioned Bulgasal to turn him exact into a Bulgasal as nicely, in train that he could have mammoth strength. That fashioned Bulgasal, who used to be none rather then Hwal, had modified into on him but had moreover taken a promise from him. He had requested Eul Tae to create him bulgasal again. To shield this promise, Eul Tae killed Hwal’s family and maintain change into him exact into a Bulgasal. 

Whereas Hwal and Eul Tae are conversing within the forest, Eul Tae’s hitman assaults Sang Un, who is ready in a vehicle. He stabs her precisely where Hwal had stabbed her when she used to be a Bulgasal. In her protection, she fiercely assaults the killer. She does that involuntarily, and the afraid killer runs off to Eul Tae. A outlandish part occurs when Hwal brings the injured Sang Un house and Sang Un is treating her hurt. She starts remembering her previous lifestyles memories and feels a staunch sense of energy that is previous her shield a watch on.

As Sang Un remembers her previous, she is changing exact into a obvious particular person, as if two spirits are living within the the same body. Sang Un is now not any longer on high of issues of herself and is getting dizzy. Hwal hears the noise and goes to maintain a look at on her. Sang Un’s harmless eyes endure the watch of frightful, and she or he stabs Hwal. Did Hwal create a mistake by trusting Sang Un? Can maintain to quiet he maintain depended on Eul Tae as a replace?

The mystery surrounding the true Bulgasal pair deepens as Eul Tae calls Hwal the true Bulgasal, and Sang Un moreover starts exhibiting indicators of monstrosity. Hye Suk has made a prophecy that if previous memories are brought wait on, everyone shall be killed. If Sang Un if truth be told remembers her previous, will she prove to be the true devil, disguised as an angel?

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