‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 13 & 14: Recap/Ending – Will Sang-un Abandon Hwal?


Within the old episodes of “Bulgasal: Immortal Souls,” Sang Un has started regaining recollections from her past lifestyles, after getting stabbed in the same build where she had a scar in all her old lives. She seen a merciless vision of Hwal from her past and acquired worried of him. Hwal has also heard a stressful truth from Eul Tae about himself: he changed into once the unique Bulgasal and had requested Eul Tae to turn him precise into a Bulgasal all over again after his human reincarnation. Will Hye Suk’s prophecy about returning recollections arrive correct? Will Hwal and Sang-un develop to be opponents after discovering out the reality about one one more? Let’s discover.

What Is Eul-tae’s Technique?

Hwal had betrayed Eul-tae and left him in bother in the forest. Eul Tae threatens Hwal that he’s now not any longer going to play it protected and that if he goes down, he’ll tear Hwal’s family to hell with him. Hwal has much less to effort about as prolonged as his family stays hidden in their secret hideout, nonetheless his conception falls aside when Hye Suk brings all americans abet dwelling attributable to Si Ho and Enact Yun insisted on it. Hwal gets excited at her for inserting her family, i.e., Enact Yun, Si Ho, and Detective Kwon, at risk, which hurts Hye Suk, who has frequently regarded as Hwal her family.

Eul Tae has his men planted spherical Hwal’s apartment, and now nobody can streak wherever safer with out being tailed. Eul Tae has a better conception, and he’s no longer going to hunt them down himself. Eul Tae sends police to Hwal’s apartment with the abet of a minister who changed into once on his payroll, to arrest Hwal and Sang Un as assassinate suspects. He knows that Hwal is attention-grabbing ample to no longer secure arrested, nonetheless this switch will power him to streak away the apartment, that would possibly possibly also construct it more straightforward to use Si Ho and Enact Yun. Every little thing happens per Eul Tae’s conception, and Enact Yun and Si Ho are kidnapped beneath the name of witnesses.

Detective Kwon is busy hunting for Eul Tae when he finds a suspicious build. That’s when he gets a call from Hwal that the others had been kidnapped. The police bag taken them, nonetheless in build of going to the police build, they streak against a forest, away from any human habitation nearby. Detective Kwon’s relied on junior detective, Ham, also will most certainly be with them on Eul Tae’s particular account for, nonetheless he has no idea what is going down. Kwon trespasses on the non-public property and sees odd actions going down at a warehouse, nonetheless he’s no longer entering into to face Eul Tae on my own. Can Hwal reach there in time to put his family?

Why Does Hwal Turns Violent?

Hye Suk followed Enact Yun and Si Ho when the police arrested them. Eul Tae didn’t bag the rest to attain with her, nonetheless she acquired herself longing for the sake of Hwal. Eul Tae has hired a monster to abolish Enact Yun and Si Ho, and when three of them are getting overwhelmed by the monster, Hye Suk makes a prophecy that enrages Eul Tae. She says that terrifying energy will arrive out when the one who made the dark hole closes it. It approach that Hwal will abolish Eul Tae as he had made the dark hole when Eul Tae grew to transform a Bulgasal. He assaults and kills Hye Suk. Detective Kwon enters after Eul Tae leaves, nonetheless it’s too slack. Eul Tae has already taken down Hwal’s one member of the family.

By the time Hwal and Sang Un arrive, the monster has left Kwon injured and brought Enact Yun and Si Ho to an unknown build. While all americans is heart-broken to see Hye Suk mendacity there in blood, Hwal displays no feeling of disaster, and Sang Un is no longer impressed by this behavior from Hwal. He has no time to teach or regret and has easiest one element on his mind: to search out his significant other and son. He nearly kills detective Ham out of nettle, nonetheless Sang Un reminds him that he would now not abolish folk. Hwal spares Ham’s lifestyles in return for the monster’s background info. They are headed against the monster’s jam, leaving Kwon to handle Hye Suk’s effort.

Hwal has frequently been merciless against monsters, nonetheless Sang Un hasn’t considered that side of him moderately regularly. From her recollections, she is already fearful of the monster that he changed into once, nonetheless she is implying these recollections on Hwal now and questioning if he’s restful the same monster. She is beginning to doubt Hwal’s intentions and whether to belief him or no longer, while Hwal has no time to evaluate and is easiest pondering saving his family from Eul Tae, and he’ll streak to any extent to attain that.

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 14: Ending

Si Ho and Enact Yun fool the monster and speed away to a farm, nonetheless they cannot care for running away in the monster’s personal territory for prolonged. The monster is easiest preserving them alive attributable to his precise target is Sang Un, who will arrive to put her sister. When the monster finds them, they opt to speed in reverse instructions to confuse the monster. Alternatively, Enact Yun cannot speed anymore attributable to of his current wound and chooses to present in to put Si Ho. When in hiding, Si Ho had held Enact Yun’s hand and considered his past with every of them in it. It changed into once them running away from Bulgasal in the forest in their past lifestyles. Focused on that, Si Ho returns and offers herself to the monster. No topic the reality that she has no files of their old relationship, her worship for him compels her to get the likelihood.

Sang Un and Hwal bag reached the farm nonetheless cannot salvage them. When Sang Un senses the monster, she runs against the monster on my own and rescues Si Ho. She starts combating the monster, nonetheless fortuitously, Hwal finds them and kills the monster brutally. The monster, on the other hand, attacked Hwal’s eyes, making him hasty blind. Hwal is wearing a blindfold over his eyes, fair cherish his son, A-chan, did. Karma returns, and Hwal is paying for his deeds. All of them return dwelling with a heavy heart. Their loved auntie, Hye Suk, has died for no reason, and they cannot even pay their respects to her.

While all americans else is heart-broken, Hwal is indifferent against it attributable to he has considered many deaths in his 600 years of lifestyles. Sang Un is skeptical of Hwal’s behavior. He took care of her even when she changed into once her enemy, nonetheless declined to cloak any worship Hye Suk. He even tells Sang Un to streak away with Si Ho and Enact Yun and streak away him on his personal attributable to they are turning precise into a hindrance between him and Eul Tae. After they streak away, and Hwal is on my own, he’s considered repenting the shortcoming of Hye Suk, remembering the total recollections of her, from childhood to her frail age. Hye Suk had grown on him, and he seen her as his daughter, regardless that he never acknowledged it out loud. Their remaining discuss changed into once about their fight when he bother her by no longer calling her family, nonetheless she changed into once his family the total while.

Kwon takes care of Hye Suk and receives a call from Ham, who tricks him into meeting Eul Tae. Eul Tae tells Kwon that the reason in the abet of his father and sister’s deaths is Hwal, who is his precise enemy. He has thrown his playing cards, and now it’s Kwon’s technique to streak alongside with Eul Tae or persist with Hwal. Remorsefully, Hwal tries to stab himself in the center to ease the bother of Hye Suk’s loss of life, nonetheless Sang Un comes abet and prevents him. She chooses to see the kinder side of Hwal and decides to persist with him, no topic the past and the future. What would possibly possibly also bag came about prior to now, and what will happen when Sang Un remembers it all? We are able to easiest predict the final episodes to level to all.

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 13 &14 is streaming on Netflix.

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