‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 9 & 10: Recap/ Ending – Did Eul-tae Kill Hwal’s Family?


In the old episode of “Bulgasal: Immortal Souls,” Min Sang Un’s previous lifestyles sister told her the well-known of Eul Tae, that he had killed Hwal’s household by taking Sang Un’s abolish. Eul Tae asked Hwal incessantly to now not belief Sang Un, nonetheless Hwal did now not belief both of them. He silent has human emotions left in him and doesn’t pick on to damage the harmless. Hwal units out to get the fact, and unless he finds it, no one is his impartial correct friend.

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What Is Eul Tae’s Past?

About 1000 years ago, Okay Eul Tae used to be born to a local emperor of a village. Eul Tae used to be a bodily out of date child that became a explanation for his frequent sickness. His mom handed away at an early age, which extra took a toll on his frail health. His father desired to spice up his territory, and for that, he wanted a estimable successor who may perchance well also carry on his legacy. The emperor had one other son from his 2d wife, who used to be perfectly match and wholesome, unlike Eul Tae. Eul Tae overheard the dialog where his father discussed leaving unhurried him within the village and transferring out with the other wife and son. Angered and betrayed, Eul Tae chanced on his step-brother and killed him with a colossal rock. 

Later, He introduced his dull brother’s physique home and lied to everyone that he used to be killed by a Bulgasal. No one had heard of or seen Bulgasal on the time, and even Eul Tae wasn’t a Bulgasal when he murdered his brother. Due to the this fact, the episode leaves unhurried some peculiar questions, “Did Bulgasal now not exist sooner than Eul Tae made it up?” And if Eul Tae used to be now not a Bulgasal, to initiate with, how did he became one? 

On a aspect cloak, within the sleek time, Eul Tae has by no way tried to damage detective Kwon ensuing from Kwon is his father from the previous lifestyles. Despite the undeniable fact that his father tried to abandon him, his affection for him has now not changed, even after 1000 years.

What Is Enact Yun and Eul Tae’s Relation?

Enact Yun used to be born with blindness whereas his older brother used to be terminally unwell. As a child, Enact Yun asked a man to again them, and the form man has been helping them ever since. He helped Enact Yun to earn an admire transplant and has been paying for his brother’s remedy for all these years. This fashion particular person is none as adversarial to Eul Tae. Despite his horrifying traits, Eul Tae helped a chunk boy when he asked him to. Through the years, Eul Tae has grown interested by Enact Yun, and he is his entirely impartial correct friend.

Owing to this friendship, Eul Tae asks Enact Yun for a large desire. He asks Enact Yun to thunder Sang Un to him in any methodology most likely. Enact Yun has helped Eul Tae in his most now not easy times, and he respects him for that, nonetheless Enact Yun has been living with Hwal, Sang Un, and the remainder of the of us adore a household. As an orphan, he is experiencing a household for the first time and has grown interested by them, particularly Hwal and Si Ho. He hears the news of Si Ho’s being pregnant and grows even more jumpy. Serving to Eul Tae way betraying all of them and slicing them off from his lifestyles forever. Stuck in a jam, Enact Yun decides to again Eul Tae, nonetheless tells Sang Un the fact.

Nevertheless, Hwal finds out about Enact Yun’s concept and asks him to skedaddle away and by no way arrangement relieve. He doesn’t give Enact Yun an opportunity to be aware himself. Enact-Yun confronted what he feared the most: betraying Hwal. He has nowhere else to skedaddle now as adversarial to to Eul Tae, nonetheless Eul Tae tells him that his brother is dull and that he may perchance well also silent return to the orphanage. Enact Yun’s karma hit him straight away, and he used to be betrayed by Eul Tae. He silent will get an explanation from Eul Tae, nonetheless Duoksini kidnaps him by deceiving him. Enact Yun’s lifestyles is in danger as Duoksini can build something to earn revenge on Hwal.

Hwal Finds His Son

Sooner than going to meet Eul Tae, Enact Yun receives a name from Si Ho, and he tells her about all the pieces, including his relationship with Eul Tae. Duoksini calls Hwal impartial correct to uncover him that if she will be able to be able to’t execute him, she will be able to be able to fabricate him suffer painfully. Hwal believes that Eul Tae has ordered Duoksini to abduct Enact Yun. Nevertheless, when Hwal informs Eul Tae about Enact Yun, he begins attempting to get him. Eul Tae doesn’t pick on Enact Yun to earn damage, and Hwal and Kwon are both bowled over by his effective intentions.

When Hwal finds out Enact Yun’s truth from Si Ho, he is hit by a sudden realization that makes him regret letting Enact Yun skedaddle. Enact Yun used to be born blind impartial correct adore Hwal’s son A-chan, and brooding about how Enact Yun is hooked as a lot as him on this lifestyles, he is the reincarnation of A-chan. Sang Un tags alongside with Hwal to the Duoksini wooded space ensuing from she will be able to be able to sense monsters. They earn Enact Yun’s put sooner than killing both Duoksini and her husband. Surprisingly, Duoksini is silent alive, and Eul Tae finds her. Eul Tae rushes to earn Enact Yun after Duoksini reveals what she has performed. Eul Tae catches Enact Yun and stabs him whereas they hug. Enact Yun calls him brother.

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 10: Ending

In her previous lifestyles, Duoksini told Enact Yun that Eul Tae had killed him and his mom. Even though he had no concept of his previous, Hwal knew, and if he chanced on out, Eul Tae’s unfounded be aware may perchance well be over. Eul Tae by no way supposed to damage Enact Yun, nonetheless he did. His memories of Enact Yun flashed sooner than his eyes sooner than stabbing him. He pretended to now not safe emotions, nonetheless he hesitated to execute his impartial correct friend, and this also can doubtlessly grasp-out him for days to arrangement relieve. That is also the motive why he wants to full his lifestyles, which is corpulent of disaster, loneliness, and suppressed emotions.

By the level Hwal arrives, Eul Tae has left, leaving Enact Yun within the puddle of blood. Hwal is taken over by the fatherly compassion of seeing his son, nonetheless also by regret and enrage that he couldn’t acknowledge his son earlier. In the previous, his son had died in his fingers, surrounded by a puddle of blood. For the first time in 600 years, tears rolled down Hwal’s cheeks. At that moment, it didn’t matter if he used to be a human or a monster; he used to be a father who used to be seeing his son die for the 2d time. And, this time as effectively, it used to be his mistake. Can Hwal achieve his son this time? The upcoming episodes will enlighten extra.

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 9 & 10 are streaming on Netflix.

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