‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – What Was Hwal & Sang-un’s Past?


In “Bulgasal: Immortal Souls” Episode 14, Eul Tae killed Hye Suk, which broke down Hwal, and he also realized a truth about himself which changed all the pieces he had believed in. Hwal was the normal Bulgasal who had asked Eul Tae to expose him into Bulgasal yet again when he was reincarnated and to waste his family. Sang Un has also started remembering her past and has viewed the brutal, ugly aspect of the normal Bulgasal, Hwal. Neither Hwal nor Sang Un undergo in tips their past exactly, or what their connection was from 1000 years ago. On the more than a few hand, their realizing to entice Eul Tae within the well composed stands, but will they be a success? Let’s discover.

The Closing War: Hwal’s Death Need

Hwal was broken down attributable to the loss of Hye Suk and had asked Sang Un, Si Ho, and Attain Yun to fade him alone for their possess security. Nonetheless, they blueprint abet for him, and they suspect to preserve collectively till the end. Detective Kwon has now not returned to them yet as he is composed contemplating what Eul Tae has urged him about Hwal. Now, Hwal has supreme one option left with him, and that’s to waste Eul Tae, that technique he has to die as well. Sang Un opposes this and asks Hwal to expose her into a Bulgasal so that she will be able to be able to die as an more than a few of him. She wants Hwal to use human life along with his family, something he couldn’t attain within the past.

In this debate between Hwal and Sang Un, Si Ho and Attain Yun feel brushed off and waste their possess plans to display cloak each of them that their opinions topic as well. They correct want Sang Un and Hwal to blueprint abet abet alive and are living love a standard family. Hwal has the same opinion and guarantees them to now not waste himself and blueprint abet alive. Kwon returns with the location of Eul Tae, and the three of them waste a realizing to preserve shut Eul Tae within the well. Kwon had lived all of his life wanting for the Bulgasal who killed his father and younger sister. He belief Eul Tae was the culprit, but it was Hwal who was in control of Kwon’s loss. Will Kwon in actuality serve Hwal, or is it a entice? Will they waste it abet alive?

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What Took space 1000 Years Ago?

Around 1000 years ago, the supreme two present Bulgasals lived on a mountain. Hwal and Sang Un were those Bulgasals, and they were also each other’s followers. They lived away from human habitation in a cave. Sang Un realized quite of lady and her microscopic one brother trying to conceal in a cave away from troopers who had killed their other folks. She saved them and dropped them off at a local villager’s dwelling, who later raised them. The villager was Hye Suk, and the teens were Si Ho and Attain Yun. After they met by chance again as soon as or twice, the teens grew fond of Sang Un, and so did Sang Un of them. She started living with them within the village, leaving Hwal alone within the cave.

Hwal was continually skittish that Sang Un would walk away him for humans, and she or he did what he feared. Sang Un promised him to blueprint abet abet as soon as the teens grew up, and he waited for her each day. The children didn’t know that she was a Bulgasal, but Hye Suk had realized that she was now not a human because she didn’t age at all in years. The children had grown up now, but Sang Un had been living with them love a family, and it was valuable for her to fade them. They were a minute section of her immortal life, which made her solely contented. When Si Ho and Attain Yun were picking herbs on the mountain, they seen Eul Tae killing his brother, and Eul Tae tried to waste them to conceal his crime. Sang Un came and saved them, but Eul Tae inclined Sang Un in his prefer. He urged the king that a Bulgasal killed his brother and lived within the village.

The king and his troopers tried to hurt Sang Un, and Hwal came working to construct her. He was mad and killed the total village. When Kwon, Si Ho, and Attain Yun stabbed Hwal with a sword, Sang Un also stabbed herself. Hwal cursed Kwon, who was king at that point, Si Ho, and Attain Yun, announcing they would possess unhappy lives as long as a Bulgasal was alive because they were the motive Sang Un purchased into that plan back. Trusty when Hwal was about to die, Eul Tae asked him to waste him a Bulgasal. Hwal did so on the condition that he waste him Bulgasal again when he reincarnates. If Eul Tae had now not lied, none of this would possibly per chance possess took space, and all of them would now not be trapped on this vicious cycle of karma.

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‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Season 1: Ending Defined

Hwal goes interior to face Eul Tae first, while Kwon and Sang Un wait open air with a gun and toxic injections. Hwal plans to tire out Eul Tae, and Kwon and Sang Un will attack him afterwards to waste him weaker. He made the realizing shimmering thoroughly that Eul Tae is worthy stronger than him and would possibly with out complications pick him down. It was as if he was making a death wish, but Sang Un composed had hope that Hwal would continue to exist. As anticipated, Eul Tae overpowers Hwal and throws him into the well with injuries that obtained’t heal for a few years with out human blood.

Eul Tae now supreme has to waste Sang Un, but Kwon shoots him with the gun. Kwon knew he shouldn’t shoot into Eul Tae’s heart, but he composed did. He wished each the Bulgasals to die. He wished to avenge Hwal, who killed his family, but Sang Un reminded her of how repeatedly Hwal had saved them and that he wasn’t as cruel as he belief he was. Kwon comes abet to his senses and lets Eul Tae attack him so that Sang Un can urge away. He is fatally injured and has realized his mistake of betraying Hwal. He is aware of if Hwal has to outlive, he wants human blood. Hwal hasn’t inebriated human blood in years, but Kwon urges him to attain so this time. Kwon gives his possess blood to Hwal, who’s lying composed within the well.

Sang Un runs away as some distance as she will be able to be able to, but Eul Tae finds her. Nonetheless, he senses Hwal coming abet with vitality and runs away to the cave the save Hwal lived 1000 years ago. Sang Un follows them as well and sees Hwal injured again. Eul Tae assaults Sang Un, but Hwal makes use of all of his energy left and bites Eul Tae and stabs him within the center. He turns into frail and unable to fight abet towards Hwal. Hwal talks to Sang Un in a final conversation and stabs himself as well. He vanishes into the air while being in Sang Un’s fingers. Sang Un requires Si Ho to blueprint abet and seize her up, but she dies in her fingers when she arrives. Hwal and Sang Un, each die for each other. A painful assortment of karmic events ends after 1000 years.

Si Ho and Attain Yun are solely contented and possess a expansive family, correct as they promised Sang Un.Attain Yun will get married and strikes out of Hwal’s dwelling, but Si Ho refuses to fade the house till she will be able to get frail. She looked for them and waited for Sang Un and Hwal to blueprint each day of her life. 50 years later, Attain Yun finds Sang Un reincarnated and sends her an image and the take care of of Hwal’s dwelling. She visits the house out of curiosity and meets Hwal, who’s there to make a selection the house. These that inaccurate the route in a single life are destined to inaccurate it again in subsequent lives.

Hwal and Sang Un’s incomplete cherish account of 1000 years would possibly just be a success this time after the total contaminated karma paid off by them. Bulgasals attain now not possess a soul, but ironically, Hwal and Sang Un were love one soul in two bodies who realized each other in every lifetime, love twin flames. Eul Tae’s actions were in control of ruining all of those folks’s lives for 1000 years, but they did pay for it. He lived a more unhappy life than all of them. When he was a human, he correct wished to be preferred and liked, so he changed into a Bulgasal in disclose to change into sturdy. If he can’t be preferred, he is also feared. Even so, he was by no technique born a villain and composed wished to be preferred but by no technique purchased any. Hwal, Sang Un, Kwon, and Hye Suk died for somebody and they’re going to be remembered, but Eul Tae died for no one and shall be remembered by no one.

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Will There Be ‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Season 2?

Even after the end of Bulgasal: Immortal Souls Season 1, some appealing questions composed dwell unanswered. Esteem, Hwal had acknowledged that Bulgasals attain now not reincarnate, but he did. He failed to possess a soul to reincarnate in a human body. Also, Sang Un died with Hwal’s soul in her body and she or he will possess to be reincarnated with the the same soul, now with out Bulgasal’s curse, however the total other monsters who were after Hwal’s soul, obtained’t attack her again? It is unclear if Kwon, Hye Suk, and Eul Tae reincarnated, but within the event that they did and are composed sure to inaccurate each other’s paths, we are able to ask to search out a subsequent season the save they undergo in tips their pasts and a sport of revenge starts again. Either plan, who doesn’t cherish a fully contented ending? Hwal and Sang Un meet again and are living fortunately ever after. All individuals deserves a fully contented ending, so attain Sang Un and Hwal.

“Bulgasal: Immortal Souls” is a 2021 South Korean Drama Thriller Tv Series streaming on Netflix.

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