Can I get married? Sai Pallavi who broke the truth

Actress Sai Pallavi rose to fame by playing the role of Flower Teacher in the film Premam. Sai Pallavi. She has acted in more films in Telugu since then and is one of the top heroines there.

The other actors are more shocked to see the mass fan base he has. There will be a response if you attend Sai Pallavi film festivals to that extent.


Sai Pallavi has not been accepting any pictures lately, so it has been rumored for the past few days that he is getting married soon.

Explaining this, Sai Pallavi says that his marriage is not over and he is waiting for a good story.

Fans believe that the film will be good if Sai Pallavi plays it. That is why Sai Pallavi has said that he will accept only if a good story comes along.



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