HBO Max and Animation Network have actually begun production on 6 brand-new 2D animated specials of Care Bears: Open the Magic. The episodes will be 22 minutes each. Likewise, Season 1’s license has actually been reached early 2027 for direct and streaming platforms. The brand-new specials will belong to the preschool block on HBO Max and Animation Network.

Care Bears: Open the Magic was very first launched in 2019 on Animation Network and other different streaming channels. The plot follows Funshine, All the best, Cheer, Grumpy, and Share Bear as they leave their familiar conveniences of Care-A-Lot and start a brand-new journey through Silver Lining. They discover all sort of experiences and make pals with the Whiffles, pleased, go-lucky animals who assist plant seeds to assist Care-A-Lot and Silver Lining grow. With their unique stomach badge powers, they spread out sharing and caring throughout their wonderful homeland much to the discouragement of their arch-nemesis Bluster and his Bad Crowd who desire the land on their own.


The brand-new specials will connect into a “mini-movie” minute or style that raises the stakes and includes disputes to the general experiences of the Care Bears. Likewise, similar to Season 1, the episodes will line up with Cartoonito’s Humancentric Knowing Structure that assists teach young children about compassion and relationship.

Season 1 can likewise be discovered in different nations on various channels. It’s offered in the UK (Tiny Pop and Sky-TV), Canada (Wildbrain’s Household Channel and Household Jr.), France (Tiji and Gulli), Switzerland (RTS), Israel (Hop!), Brazil (Gloob), Mexico (Televisa), Spanish pan-LatAm (Noggin), Australia (Channel 9), South Africa (ETV), Middle East (E-vision and E Junior), Portugal (Canal Junior, Panda), China (CCTV14) with future around the world broadcaster handle the works.

Open the Magic has actually likewise been utilized in Care Bear-themed product internationally to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the brand name, an event that will occur throughout 2022. A brand-new brand name of Care Bear dabble Fundamental Enjoyable! business was launched through Walmart, Target, Amazon, and other merchants in late 2019; the brand-new lineup of toys has actually shown to be an excellent success in sales internationally.

The Care Bears got their franchise start in the kind of welcoming card illustrations in 1981. These vibrant bears have actually considering that grown to end up being a youth preferred with the similarity My Little Pony and the Transformers. With such a recognized world of wonderful characters covering over a number of generations, these latest installations to the series will ensure that the Care Bear team will continue to captivate and teach kids as they did their moms and dads. So, have a look at these brand-new specials with the kids and delight in the fond memories!