Cash Heist Segment 5 Volume 2 Professor’s Fate: Will Alicia Hand Him Over To The Police?


Cash Heist Segment 5 volume 2 is currently streaming on Netflix. The very finest season ended on a cliffhanger & fans are wondering what will happen to professor & Alicia? Here’s what incessantly is the seemingly destiny of professor in Cash Heist half 5 volume 2. 

Will Alicia Hand Him Over To The Police?

Alicia, admire the leisure of the heist crew, has change into one in every of the most wished ladies folks. The intently pregnant Alicia gave birth after confronting the Professor and knocking out Marseille and Benjamin. Alicia was very finest considered taking a pair of gamers from the john and hiding them inner her sleeve. This methodology Alicia isn’t entirely on the Professor’s aspect but, and there’s smooth an actual likelihood she’ll be the catalyst for the heist’s demise, or as a minimum the Professor’s demise.

Cash Heist Segment 5 volume 2

Professor’s Fate

Why would she betray the Professor, you is probably going to be wondering. Successfully, she doesn’t must employ her lifestyles on the scuttle from the police or in reformatory whereas attempting to raise her tiny one. Giving up the Professor to the cops would possibly accumulate her reduction into Colonel Tamayo’s precise graces.

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