Celebrity actor confirmed to star in Vijay’s 66th film- Fans in anticipation

Actor Vijay Beast has announced the director and producer of his next film during filming.

Vijay’s 66th film information came with a photo of the film being directed by Vamsi, a leading director of Telugu cinema and produced by Dil Raju.

From then on, a lot of questions about the film arose in the minds of the fans. Vamsi has said in previous interviews that the story will be a way for families to celebrate.

Image worship

The film’s Pooja Padu was critically acclaimed 3 weeks ago. The things that actress Rashmika and Vijay did in a cute way were viral and those photos also came up a lot on social media.

New update

There has been a lot of talk over the last few days about who will play Vijay’s brother in the film, and he immediately refused to say that Mike Mohan is starring in the film.

Actor Shyam has confirmed that he will be starring with Vijay in his 66th film on his Instagram to confirm the news coming from credible sources that the next actor will be starring with Shyam Vijay.

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