Celebrity joins Commander 66 after 21 years .. This brother is playing the role of a friend

Vijay is starring in ‘Commander 66’ after ‘Beast’. The film is directed by Telugu director Vamsi Padappalli. The bilingual film is being produced by Dil Raju’s company in Tamil and Telugu. Songs are being developed in Daman music.

The film stars Rashmika Mandana opposite Vijay. According to the story of this film, Vijay has two brothers. Actor Sarathkumar had already signed on as one of them. It has been reported that actor Mohan will initially play another brother. But actor Mohane has denied the allegations. In this case, the information has been leaked that the actor Shyam, who is currently in the role, will be signed. This has made the information fans excited.

Shyam, who first started her career as a model, made her acting debut in the 2001 film 12B. The film was a partial success for Simran and Jyotika, who were paired with leading actresses in the first film.

Since then Lesa Lesa has appeared in more than 20 films as ABCD, Bala, Hey You Too Beautiful, Nature and Inner Hear. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. In the middle he acted in a Kannada film. He played the lead role in the Telugu film Kick, which was not a big hit. He also starred in Dillalangadi for its remake.

He started acting in supporting roles instead of acting as a hero and continued to play such roles in Telugu. After a long hiatus he starred in the film as 6. To get a look with the big swelling under the eyes, Sham had not slept for more than ten days, resulting in a huge swelling under his eyes. The film received rave reviews and was a great success.

He has since acted as the protagonist in a few films and is currently back as a supporting actor. What is significant about this is that the film Kushi appeared before Shyam made his debut as the protagonist. In which he would have acted as his friend with Vijay. Again now he is going to play his own brother.

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