Channels that fire for DRP .. Sun TV that sidelined Vijay TV

As before, there will be no channels other than Sun TV. So most people used to watch all the shows that aired on Sun TV. But now that is not the case many new channels have emerged.

In that sense, many channels are launching new strategies to impress people. Channels like Vijay TV, Zee Tamil and Colors Tamil are the most popular after Sun TV. They are all reality shows and serials for DRP that are working like wildfire on innovation in many things.

Thus Sun TV is also launching a number of new shows to maintain its place. However, since Sun TV is all about serials, many of the serials that air on it are currently well received.

In that sense Sun TV has always had a presence in DRP. For the past few years, channels like Vijay TV and Zee Tamil have been competing with Sun TV. But the serials that have been aired on those channels in recent times have been very much in the throes of a war for the fans.

So now Sun TV is once again holding the top rating in DRP. Of those, 4 serials that have recently made it into the top 5 in the DRP rating are serials that air on Sun TV.

In which Kayal serial has retained the number one position for many months. This is followed by Sundari Series in second place and Sandivi Serials in fourth place including Sky and Rose in fourth place. Following this is Bharathikannamma which is aired on Vijay TV in 5th place.

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