Chemistry that does not work out .. Irritated Darshan, Laslia

Google Kuttappa is a movie produced by KS Ravikumar and starring him in the lead role. The film stars Darshan, Laslia and Yogi Babu in the lead roles.

Fans are currently giving mixed reviews about this film which is releasing today. The film fails to impress the fans as it is based on sentimental scenes without any grandeur for a science fiction film.

Also the scenes involving KS Ravikumar and Yogi Babu in the film are somewhat comforting to the fans. But Darshan’s performance with a large fan base through the Big Boss show is okay in this film.

Even the love scenes with the heroine Laslia did not become a clean workout. Fans are also looking at them from that angle, who have become as affectionate as their brother and sister through the Big Boss show.

That’s why when the announcement that the two were acting as a couple came out, many people teased and put up memes. Currently the couple is terribly annoyed with the fans who saw them on screen.

Looking at their close-up shots, it seems that Darshan and Laslia are both acting very embarrassed. None of the chemistry in those scenes greatly attracted fans.

After this both of them can act as brother and sister if they want. But it is the opinion of many fans that acting in pairs does not take. Laslia, who came into cinema with the dream of becoming a leading heroine, has a long way to go.

Otherwise it would not be surprising if he disappears from Tamil cinema. The film, which was released in the hope that it would appeal to fans, seems to be facing setbacks due to the Big Boss duo.

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