Chennai Collection of Beast, Kgf 2 films so far- Sema Collection

Kgf 2, starring Vijay’s Beast and Yash, was well received by the fans. But Vijay’s Beast did not meet the expectations of the fans.

Now the fans are celebrating Kgf 2 movie more and more and the collection of this movie is increasing day by day.

Beast and Kgf 2

Beast movie was released on 13th and Kgf 2 starring Yash was released on 14th April. There has been no reduction in the collection hunt since the first day of these films.

Well let’s see the detail of how much these two films have collected in Chennai so far.

  • Beast (5 days) – Rs. 7.67 crore
  • Kgf 2 (4 days) – Rs. 2.99 crore

Here is the full details of how much these two have charged in 5 days


  1. 1.96 crore
  2. 1.61 crore
  3. 1.41 crore
  4. 1.37 crore
  5. 1.32 crore

Kgf 2

  1. 68 lakhs
  2. 74 lakhs
  3. 76 lakhs
  4. 81 lakhs

KGF 2 record after Bhagwati – Didn’t Vijay and Ajith even make films?

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