Chennai Collection of Vijay Beast movie clean clean low- Drop Out movie in 6 days

Vijay has released 65 films so far. Not all the films he starred in were hits.

Some of the films have been smash hits, some have suffered neat losses, so there will be ups and downs in all the actors’ screenplays. Currently, Vijay’s Beast is on the list of failed films.

Chennai collection of the film

In Chennai, Vijay’s films always perform new feats. But the Beast movie did not get the right collection and the Beast movie did not even reach the collection record made by his previous films.

On the 6th day i.e. yesterday the film was released in Chennai for just Rs. 36 lakhs only.

At the end of 6 days, the film grossed Rs. 8.03 crore. 70% of the film’s collections are said to have fallen as they were.

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