Chitra’s death explodes .. Suicide case diverted by political points

Over the last few days, many reports about the late Wije Chitra have caused a stir in the media. It has come as a shock to many that those involved in the death of her husband Chitra have claimed that her life was in danger.

It has been almost a year and a half since the death of Chitra, who rose to prominence as the heroine of the fans. Yet the mystery behind his death remains a mystery. The case, which has been dormant for so long, is now heated.

Her husband Hemnath, who was arrested and jailed in connection with Chitra’s death, is currently out on bail. Coming out he has been giving an interview to a YouTube channel about what happened in Chitra’s death.

In it, he claims that Chitra was harassed by politicians and that this was a major reason for his death. On the day of the incident, he said that Chitra was distressed by the problem and that was what prompted him to commit suicide.

This information he claims is contrary to precedent. Because the message he gave on the day of Chitra’s death was different. The audio of him talking to his friend was also released then. In it, Chitra had said that she was sorry for playing with the TV actor.

When that is the case he is now changing it and talking differently. So Chitra’s fans are saying that the suspicion on her is strengthened. Also, actress Rekha Nair, who has been sharing various information about Chitra’s death since the beginning, is now making comments against Hemnath.

Two people are involved in Chitra’s suicide. The reason for his decision was the torture and harassment of Hom Nath. He also said that there are some big spots behind him. But Rekha Nair declined to say who they were.

So Chitra’s fans are barking at him. If you have the courage to say the name of those involved. They are talking against him as to why he is talking like this to tarnish Chitra’s name by leaving it at that.

In fact Chitra’s suicide case has now been diverted by the conspiracy work of some like this. Now, months after the incident, there is definitely something behind the many slanderous things being said about Chitra.

Fans are also worried that some people have resorted to harassing Chitra to escape from the case. And in the midst of all this whining, many are questioning why Chitra’s parents are keeping silent.

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