Chitra’s husband fighting to save his life .. a key political figure caught in a murder case!

The case of famous iconic actress Chitra who committed suicide by hanging herself at the Poonamallee Hotel in Chennai in 2020 is now being dusted off again. The reason was a complaint lodged by her husband Hemnath. Hemnath was arrested and interrogated for being responsible for Chitra’s suicide.

He was later released on bail. At a recent press conference, Hemant said that many political figures and businessmen were responsible for Chitra’s suicide and that she had received death threats as a result. So to save his life, Chitra’s husband Hemant recently lodged a complaint with the commissioner’s office.

‘My life is in danger. My wife mentioned the names of those responsible for the suicide and mentioned them in the complaint. And Chitra is addicted to drugs. One who aspires to live in luxury. Born into an ordinary family, Chitra soon became famous for her Pandian Stores serial.

Although he played on the iconic screen, he bought cars like BMW and Audi. Thiruvanmiyur had bought a house in an apartment. Starring on the iconic screen, everyone was skeptical of how to buy all this.

He has been in the habit of political figures and businessmen in places like Chennai, Perambalur and Pudukkottai. While attending a shop opening ceremony in Pudukkottai, a former minister came from the side.

Chitra, who grew up in their eyesight, complained that they were the ones who caused Chitra to commit suicide. It is rumored that he will be interrogated and arrested as soon as the Chief Minister gets permission. It is also rumored in the Kollywood circles that the Opposition may be responsible for Chitra’s suicide.

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