Chocolate boy who refused to act with Vijay .. You missed the opportunity Boss

Vijay is starring in Commander 66 after Beast. The film is being produced by Dil Raju under the direction of Telugu director Vamsi Bidybili. The first phase of the film has been completed in Hyderabad and the next phase is set to take place in Chennai.

For the first time in the film, Rashmika Mandana is paired with Vijay. Similarly, Supreme Star Sarathkumar plays the father of Vijay. It has already been reported that Commander 66 will be a sentimental romantic film.

In this case, they plan to cast two important old heroes as Vijay’s brother in the film. One of them is Friday Festival Man Mike Mohan. Mohan Vijay, who is making a re-entry in cinema after many years, has been cast as the brother.

The film crew has approached him to cast Chocolate Boy Prasanth as his second brother. But Prasanth has denied that. Prasanth was the one who gave duff to actors like Vijay and Ajith at that time.

But due to a problem in his own life, he was unable to focus on screen life. Thus, he stayed away from cinema for a while without acting in films. Had he only acted in films continuously then his market today would have been on a different level.

In this situation, Prashant is currently acting in the film Anthagan directed by his father Thiagarajan. Prasanth, who had given duff to Vijay at one point, has now turned down the offer as he will lose his market if he plays his brother. And there is a lot of pictures lined up for Prasanth following that guy movie.

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