Classroom of the Elite: Ayanokoji Struggles Test Plan Is Bold But It Could Get Derailed

Classroom of the Elite: Ayanokoji Struggles Test Plan Is Bold But It Could Get Derailed
Classroom of the Elite: Ayanokoji Struggles Test Plan Is Bold But It Could Get Derailed

They were separated into eight groups that are, surprisingly, not contending with one another. 500,000 Private Points and also 50 Class Points are on the line for the trainees as well as their Classes (per group), and Ayanokoji decided to manage a triumph for Class D in all eight groups.

Each group comprises trainees from each of the four Classes at ANHS, and also one trainee per group has been privately assigned the duty of VIP. The groups have 3 days to identify who it is as well as there are fines for wrong hunches, along with motivations for the VIP to stay anonymous– either to benefit themselves or their very own Class. A group’s test result will not be shown to any individual outside that team, and also the students don’t even know the roster of any kind of team besides their own. Regardless of being an extremely distinguished college, a lot of the trainee body is made up of psychos, so Ayanokoji is far from the only person looking to adjust others to win.

Ayanokoji’s plan to manage a complete victory– by getting 50 Class Points for Class D in each group– might’ve already been derailed by Class D’s resident himbo, Koenji. The narcissistic body builder chose he really did not intend to endure this rubbish for two more days, so he unilaterally submitted his guess for his group’s VIP early, which finished the test for his team. He’ll get 500,000 PP while protecting 50 CP for his Class if Koenji was proper and the VIP of his group isn’t from Class D. If he was wrong, not only has he wrecked Ayanokoji’s plan yet he’s additionally screwed Class D due to the fact that a very early, wrong guess deducts 50 CP from that person’s Class.

Ayanokoji isn’t the only one looking for a complete triumph, as Class C’s Ryujen has reasoned the same thing: that ANHS’ tests are consistent and also if somebody can reason the underlying logic, they can guarantee a win. Due to the fact that even Ayanokoji believed he could truly draw it off, ryujen may be smarter than he appears. While Ayanokoji strategies to win by adjusting individuals, Ryujen’s going to bully his means to triumph. Having confiscated Class C’s phones to locate which of them got VIP e-mails, Ryujen prepares to discover the pattern behind the VIP circulation throughout the teams, which Ayanokoji agrees could lead to a Class C victory.

Ryujen of Class C isn’t the only one that seemed as much as something, as Kushida’s bizarre encounter with Ayanokoji after the leakage that she’s a VIP was very sketchy. Kushida is also from Class D– which would certainly make it unwise for her to be unscrupulous against Ayanokoji– but her Season 1 experience with him where she threatened to frame him for assaulting her makes everything she does very suspect. Ayanokoji may intend to check if he still has his phone after she jumped into his breast in what she declared was a moment of isolation after observing all the other pairs on the ship.

The reason for wanting the Class Representatives in one team isn’t clear, however it confirms the teams aren’t arbitrary. Hoshinomiya sardonically informed Chabashira– Class D’s teacher– that it’s simply a coincidence she positioned Ichinose in Ayanokoji’s team, as well as that she’s not curious about why Chabashira is so interested in the mysterious young guy and also that Hoshinomiya absolutely does not desire to know how he unexpectedly became a leader in the Island Special Test.

Karuizawa is in Ayanokoji’s team, and he thinks she could be the trick to uniting the ladies of Class D to assist his strategy to get 50 CP for their Class in each team. After Hirata declined to do as she bought, Karuizawa cozied up to one of the Class A pupils in their team to utilize him rather.

With Day 2 of the Special Test at an end, Ayanokoji appears to have made little-to-no progress in managing a total victory for Class D, as his puppeteering appears to be hampered by the fact that he’s not a people person. Horikita has actually been uninvolved and also suspiciously calm until now in Classroom of the Elite’s newest test; combined with the truth that she declared she’s not a VIP but really did not reveal Ayanokoji her phone after he revealed her his, it’s feasible also he will discover himself an unsuspecting pawn in somebody else’s scheme. It would offer him right because his “I’m here so I could also” energy appears to be failing him as the most recent Special Test races towards its conclusion.

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