Cold Feet and a Cold Case: Filming Locations and Cast Details


‘Cold Feet and a Cold Case’ is the 16th iteration of the ‘Aurora Teagarden Mysteries’ series. This time around, excitement is in the air as it is almost time for the much-awaited wedding of the prolific sleuth. However, the discovery of a dead body and her father’s possible involvement in the case throw Aurora’s plans completely off track. The homely mystery, made in signature Hallmark-style, features a lot of backdrops that we have seen before in the movies, as well as some new ones. Curious about where ‘Cold Feet and a Cold Case’ was filmed? You’ve come to the right place.

Cold Feet and a Cold Case Filming Locations

‘Cold Feet and a Cold Case,’ like the other installments in the ‘Aurora Teagarden Mysteries’ TV-movie series, was filmed in British Columbia. The mystery film series has long made good use of the variety of backdrops that the Canadian province offers. Urban scenes, as well as those of the countryside and more rural areas, are filmed in various towns and cities in British Columbia. Principal photography for number 16 in the series started at the beginning of January and wrapped up in February 2021. Let’s take a look at the specific locations where the mystery movie was filmed.

Greater Vancouver, British Columbia

‘Cold Feet and a Cold Case’ is most likely filmed in the Greater Vancouver Metropolitan area in British Columbia. Centered around Vancouver city, the area provides a wide variety of outdoor and indoor locations, which are frequently used for filming movies in the ‘Aurora Teagarden Mysteries’ series. Outdoor filming ranges from the surrounding mountainous regions to the dense urban areas of Vancouver.

Many of the smaller towns in the area give the show its charming aesthetic. This includes the buildings regularly seen in the movies, like the Lawrenceton Public Library, where Aurora works, which is located at 37907 2 Avenue in the town of Squamish. Filming also occurs regularly in the township of Langley, where Aurora’s home is depicted by the house on 27347 0 Avenue, Aldergrove. The city of Abbotsford has also hosted the production of the ‘The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries’ series and is where ‘Cold Feet and a Cold Case’ was most likely partly filmed as well.

Cold Feet and a Cold Case Cast

Candace Cameron Bure reprises her role as the titular Aurora Teagarden, with Niall Matter stepping back into the role of her (very) soon-to-be husband Nick Miller. Marilu Henner essays Aurora’s mother Aida Teagarden and Lexa Doig plays the role of Sally Allison. The film’s supporting cast includes Peter Benson (Arthur Smith), Camille Mitchell (Lena Miller), Françoise Robertson (Lydia), Debbie Podowski (Pamela), Cole Vigue (Davis Mettle), Shaughnessy Redden (Ted Cranford), Brad Harder (Officer Charlie Heard), Martin Wood (Yoga Instructor), Jaren Moore (Mac), and Leana Yu (Hillary Cranford).

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