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Hello dear friends. We have been seeing various articles through our Cinema Hood website. In that sense the topic we are going to watch today is 8 highest grossing Hollywood movies in India. India has recently attracted the attention of the nations of the world. One of the important ones is the movie market.

It is too late for Hollywood people to realize that running a film in Indian cinema can fetch crores of rupees in revenue. Thus in recent times Hollywood movies have been featuring numerous Indian references and Indian actors. Similarly, Hollywood movies are making a splash in India. Marvel tops list of highest grossing Hollywood movies in India Here are the top eight highest grossing movies in India right now.

Fast and Furious 8:Called Fast and Furious Eighth Episode, The Fate of the Furious grossed eighty-six crores in India. As usual a lot of cars have a little story, this movie is full of action fight scenes like Vin Diesel, Rock, Jason Statham.

Jurassic World: Many movies have come up with dinosaurs that rocked the bar in the 90s. In that sense we saw dinosaurs on screen again through the 2015 film Jurassic World. The main story is about a dinosaur escaping but being maintained in a newly built theme park. The story of the film is about how these bad dinosaurs end up with the good dinosaurs as usual. The film grossed Rs 101 crore in India and was a record-breaking hit.

Fast and Furious 7: The film is the seventh in a series of Fast and Furious films. An entertaining movie full of car battles and raging race cars as usual. Starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Rock, Jason Statham and many other big names, the film grossed Rs 108 crore in India alone.

The Lion King : A Disney movie again. The Lion King movie, which was very familiar to 90s kids, reappeared on screen with animation from the cartoon. It was a good experience to see their favorite characters on screen even though there was no change in the story. The Indian gross of this film is 158 crores.

The Jungle Book: Currently the first non-Marvel Disney film in this series is the Jungle Book, released in 2016. Created with the Jungle Book novel familiar to all Indians. This story is about a boy named Mowgli who grows up with animals. The total gross of the film in India is 188 crores.

Spider-Man No Way Home: What if Spider-Man was not in the line of Hollywood movies that hunted collections in India? Third place goes to the movie Spider-Man No Way Home. Dr. Strange is looking for their help to let the world know who Spider-Man is, Peter Bane, also known as Spider-Man. The story of this film is about the adventures that take place after that. Spiderman is a movie that fans should not miss. Collection 217 crores.

Avengers Infinity War: In second place is the previous episode of the same Avengers movie Infinity War. The Avengers giant enemy Thanos are forced to make some sacrifices to fight them. The film was a huge success if the sacrifice made by everyone to save this world is set with a fast screenplay. The film is said to have grossed over Rs 275 crores in India.

Avengers Eight Game: The last Avengers movie to be released on behalf of Marvel. The film is the story of the surviving Avengers all coming together to save the world from the impact of Thanos. In this film, Thanos told the story of how the Avengers thwarted their plot through an elegant screenplay. The company had said that the film had grossed a whopping Rs 373 crore in India.

Hollywood movies have been raining heavily in India since 2015. The main reason for this is due to the quality of their film, the amazing graphics and the fact that it has been translated and released in various Indian languages. However, it is widely believed that the success of the film is due in large part to its action-packed screenplay.

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