Robson Rocha passed away on Sunday afternoon and the comics world gathered to pay tribute to a rising star. Social media is filled with people sharing stories and impressions of the Aquaman artist. He had a long battle with COVID-19 and friends were trying to find blood donors for a possible transfusion as recently as last week. Back in 2016, Robson signed with DC Comics and continued to build a rep as a talented artist. Things really got big when he took over interior artwork on Aquaman with Kelly Sue DeConnick. Yildiray Cinar was one of the first people on Twitter who announced the news. The words posted were felt by so many other who were touched by his work, and loved watching the rise of another creator.

So sorry to learn that Robson Rocha left us today. RIP Robson. So young and early… My condolences to his family, his loved ones and all his fans… ❤️

— Yildiray Cinar (@ycinar) July 11, 2021

Cigar wrote, “So sorry to learn that Robson Rocha left us today. RIP Robson. So young and early…my condolences to his family, his loved ones and all his fans…”

That linear from Aquaman isn’t the only thing Rocha contributed to the DC universe. He also worked on Green lantern with Sam Humphries. To say nothing of work on Birds of Prey, Superboy, Batman/Superman, Sinestro, and Lobo.

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So sad

It is with great sadness that I share the heartbreaking news that DC artist Robson Rocha has passed away. An incredibly talented young artist from Brazil—Robson started at DC just 11 years ago and always impressed me with the amazing energy and fluidity of his figurework,

— Jim Lee (@JimLee) July 11, 2021


No easy way to say all of this

We lost Robson Rocha. He’s been ill with Covid complications for a while, but things were starting to look better for a bit. And then… no. I’m still processing all this, I guess, so I don’t have much to say. Trying to figure out what to do, how best to support his family.

— Kelly Sue DeConnick (@kellysue) July 11, 2021


Hard to believe

1/3 We lost Robson Rocha today , I still can’t believe this… and I’m having a hard time putting it to words…we worked together for many years and I feel we barely scratched the surface of were his talent was going…

— Daniel Henriques (@DHenriquesInks) July 11, 2021


He was on his way

Today, the comic book industry lost one of its greatest talents. Me, I lost a brother.

Robson Rocha was destined to be one of the giants of the industry, and he was already on his way to become one. I used to joke with him that his work was so good it was offensive.

— Marcio Fiorito (@marciofiorito) July 11, 2021



Completely gutted to hear of Robson Rocha’s passing. I first saw his stuff with Taylor on Superman/Batman a few years ago and was really impressed but rediscovering his magnificent work on Aquaman w/ Kelly Sue this last year has been such a joy.

All my best to his family.

— Doc Shaner (@DocShaner) July 11, 2021


Just incredible talent

Robson Rocha had the incredible talent of using his art to express ideas that were trapped between script & words. We both loved horror & snuck that in our projects. My heart is broken & still refuses to believe he is gone now. Comics has lost a great artist & even better friend.

— Jesschillin (@jesswchen) July 11, 2021


A kind man

I don’t really know what to say except that Robson Rocha was a brilliant artist, a kind man, and a loving husband and father. He was so incredibly loved and will be deeply missed.

— Andrea Shea (@whatthe_shea) July 11, 2021


Just crushing

Gutted to hear about the passing of Robson Rocha.

His art was modern & detailed, yet still evoked that classic DC spirit. Between his recent Aquaman and Future State: Justice League work it felt he was finally getting the recognition he deserved.

RIP. Another one lost to covid.

— Joe (@JoebiWan94) July 11, 2021