Commander’s Beast to be released on Famous ODD .. Film crew releasing announcement date

Beast, directed by Nelson Dilip Kumar and starring Vijay, was released worldwide on April 13. Starring Pooja Hegde, Selvaragavan, Yogi Babu and many others, the film was released in languages ​​including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi.

The highly anticipated film received mixed reviews after its release, including some negative reviews. Many of the fans who saw the film were saying that there was something missing in the film.

Despite the many criticisms, Beast had no impact on the film’s collection. The KGF2 movie, which was released the day after the Beast movie, was also seen as a tough competition for the movie. But they were all thwarted by a man named Vijay.

The film grossed over Rs 200 crore in just six days of its release. The film did well at the box office and did well at the box office. There is still a crowd of fans in theaters for the Beast movie.

It has been announced that the film will be released on ODD within a month of its release. Sun Pictures, which produced the film, has now officially announced that the Beast movie will be released on Sun Next on May 11th.

The film will be released on Netflix on the same day. Netflix has also announced the announcement on its Twitter page. While it may come as a shock to many that the film is set to release on ODD within it, it is sure to captivate audiences alike.

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