Were less than 2 weeks out of the best of Complete Stranger Things Season 4, with the long-awaited return of the hit Netflix reveal lastly set to drop on Friday, May 27. The upcoming 4th season, which will be divided into 2 parts, or volumes (the second of which will be launched on July 1), happens after the Fight at Starcourt Shopping center, which led to a fracturing within our primary Hawkins team. 6 months later on, Season 4 choices up where the story ended, as those good friends left shot to browse the hellish corridors of high school. However thats not the only danger in shop — due to the fact that a brand-new evil is hiding in Hawkins, one that gets here in tandem with a brand-new secret that, if fixed, might lastly get rid of the danger of the Advantage Down at last.


Its no surprise, then, that Season 4 of Complete Stranger Things is larger than ever — not simply budget-wise, with Netflix supposedly spending $30 million per episode, however length-wise too. A few days ago our own Steven Weintraub consulted with the series developers Ross and Matt Duffer, and the 2 exposed that Episodes 7 and 9 (the latter being the season ending) are going to be on par with the length of a function movie, which, in part, discusses why it took so long for this season to lastly come true.

“Episode 7 and 9 are very, very long episodes,” Ross Duffer validated, to which Matt Duffer included, “Oh, yeah. Those are full-blown movies.” When pushed for more information about a precise episode length, the developers likewise validated that they would be longer than any other episodes in the season, which currently clock in at over an hour and fifteen minutes in runtime.

As it ends up, the Duffers at first meant 8 episodes to be the prepare for Season 4, however when it came time to outline out the season, they recognized they required another to inform the story theyd pictured. Fortunately, Netflix was on board. In Ross Duffers words:

“I think we were at least halfway, but I think probably over halfway through this season, were trying to squeeze the story in, and we sat down with our writers, and we said, “I dont believe this is possible in 8 episodes”. So we went to Netflix and said, “Hey, are you alright if we do another episode?”, and luckily they were very supportive of that, but thats how we ended up with that extra episode. But it was not originally planned that way. It wasnt outlined that way. It was always going to be eight. And then it just ended up being too much story.”

In spite of the hold-ups that the season experienced, not simply in regards to guaranteeing a big scale in addition to the drawbacks brought on by the pandemic, the Duffer Brothers likewise validated that it allowed them to do something theyd never ever formerly carried out in the history of the series: have the whole seasons scripts totally finished by the time production started, not to discuss having the ability to prepare for the shows prepared last season throughout Season fours story once it was laid out. As Matt Duffer included:

“We had all the scripts before we started shooting, so we could look at the whole thing as a whole, and we outlined all of Season 5. … This was due to the six-month hiatus that we had due to the pandemic. We dont typically have as much time. It usually feels like the train is going down the tracks and Ross and I and our writers are just throwing down track as were going, once were halfway through the season. For the first time ever, we were able to look at it globally, not just Season 4, but Season 5 as well, and they really are of a piece.”

Complete Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 will be launched on Netflix on May 27, with Volume 2 set to premiere less than 2 months later on, on July 1. Search for Steves complete interview with Matt and Ross Duffer quickly.