Summers almost here, and with it comes a host of amazing releases, none more extremely expected than the impending release of the very first part of Complete Stranger Things season 4. Fans are counting the days up until we get to go back to Hawkins and hang out with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), and the rest of the gang on the 27th of May.

With the very first half of the brand-new season so near getting here on our screens, its a great time to think of all the loose ends were hoping are bound in season 4. Is Brenner still alive? What are the Russians preparing to do with that Demogorgon? And will Dustin and Suzie carry out another duet? These are simply a few of the concerns we need to be addressed.

Where is Brenner?

Since he vanished in the season one ending, fans have actually hypothesized regarding the location of Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine), the wicked old man who ran Hawkins Laboratory and scared Eleven. Though the 8th episode of season 2 is mainly thought about the worst episode of the program, it did expose that Brenner was still alive and living in hiding. On the back of this, lots of fans anticipated to see the white-haired researcher make a look in the 3rd season, however they were left dissatisfied.

The good news is, it appears our waiting is lastly over. It has actually been validated that Modine will return for the 4th season of the sci-fi series, and weve even seen glances of him in the trailers, though it is up until now uncertain how big a function he will play in the season. Will we see more of Elevens twisted youth? Or will he go back to torture her and her buddies in the modern-day? Just time will inform.


How Are The Long-Distance Relationships Panning Out?

The season 3 ending saw Eleven, Joyce (Winona Ryder), Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), and Will (Noah Schnapp) leave Hawkins to leave the bad memories and injury that theyve all sustained in the town. Though a new beginning is unquestionably a great concept for the makeshift family, its bound to significantly strain Jonathans relationship with Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and Elevens relationship with Mike. Long-distance relationships arent constantly simple to browse, and we get the sense that problem may be in shop for the relationships weve ended up being so bought.

The season 4 trailer makes it clear that eventually, Mike goes out to California to reunite with Eleven and his best pal Will, however it appears as if he takes a trip out there without his older sibling. This has actually fretted a great deal of fans, triggering issue that we may see her and Jonathan stop. We sure hope not.

What Are The Russians As much as?

Individuals of Hawkins had no concept that simply feet listed below their cherished Starcourt Shopping mall, a little army of Russian soldiers and researchers were working relentlessly to re-open eviction to the Advantage Down. Though they were all either eliminated or apprehended after Hopper relatively compromised himself to ruin their maker, Russias efforts to get in the Advantage Down are not likely to stop. Particularly not now we understand theyve got their hands on a Demogorgon. This story is bound to be based around Hopper (David Harbour), who we understand starts the season as a detainee in a Russian center.

It will be interesting to see how the Russians initially discovered of the presence of the Advantage Down and what they anticipated to accomplish by opening eviction. Possibly theyre searching for an army of Demogorgons. Or perhaps they simply desire the praise of finding a parallel universe. In any case, it can just indicate problem for Hopper and his desperate effort to return to Hawkins.

Will Suzie Return?

We cant promote everybody, however we believe its safe to presume that all of us liked Dustin and Suzies unbelievable performance of Never ever Ending Story. Not just that, however we were all happily amazed to find out that Suzie was anything more than simply a delusion of Dustins (Gaten Matarazzo) creativity.

Provided her unbelievable intro to the series, it just makes good sense that well get to invest more time with Dustins genius sweetheart in season 4. Dustins extremely effective radio (nicknamed Cerebro, obviously) indicates he can speak with her no matter where she is. However if were being completely truthful, we desire Suzie in Hawkins, and we desire her in Hawkins today. Focus, Duffer Brothers.

How Did Hopper Endure?

Lets be truthful, all of us shed a tear or twelve when Eleven (who thinks Hopper to be dead) lastly checked out the letter that Hopper had actually written to her earlier in the season. The good news is, the post-credit scene brought back some hope that the mustached authorities chief may still live. Our desires were given when our very first take a look at season 4 validated that Hopper lived (albeit without his unbelievable hair) in Russia, where he is being kept as a detainee.

Though were all pleased that Hoppers still around to watch on whatever, we are somewhat worried about how he was relatively carried from a space underneath Starcourt Shopping mall to Russia. Did he take a trip through the Advantage Down? Have the Russians exercised a method to utilize the Advantage Down to teleport from one place to another? Obviously, there are likewise issues relating to how Hopper will leave his captors. Its safe to state Hoppers in for an interesting season. We simply hope he handles to regrow his mind-blowing mustache.

Will Eleven Regain Her Powers?

The season 3 ending was not kind to Eleven. Not just does she believe that her adult figure, Hopper, is dead, however she likewise appears to have actually lost her powers for excellent. We see her not able to even squash a soda can, something she had the ability to do back when she was very first exploring her powers in Hawkins Laboratory. This makes certain to spell problem for the remainder of the cherished characters, who frequently depend on Elevens powers to get themselves out of problem. That being stated, it isnt not likely that eventually in the season, she will discover her unbelievable powers to assist get rid of whatever supernatural beast is out to get them this time. Still, not all that much is in fact learnt about the limitations and origins of Elevens capabilities.

We understand that she works like a battery. For that reason, she needs to rest to charge herself prior to she can utilize them once again. And maybe this is simply a much-longer charging duration; perhaps when her powers return, shell be even more powerful than previously. Ideally, well discover more about Elevens youth and the tricks of her capabilities when the brand-new season lastly drops on Netflix. In any case, made certain itll be bitching.