Composer A.R. Is Raghuman’s property worth only this much?

Composer A.R. Raghuvan is a celebrity who is proudly celebrated in Indian cinema. His fame has gone somewhere, but he will always present himself as a normal human being.

That silence is the reason people like him so much.

He was recently married to Raghuvan’s daughter Katija, in which A.R. Raghuvan was not attended by any other celebrity except his family.

There were no celebrities even at the reception.

A.R. The value of Raghuman’s property

Raghuman started his musical journey with their film Roja and has been running till now. Next up is Ponni’s Selvan film which is being prepared under the direction of Mani Ratnam with her music.

Fans are expecting music updates for the film to come soon as filming for the film is over.

A.R., who has been working tirelessly like this. Raghuman said their property value alone was Rs. 595 crore. That, too, is forecast for 2022.

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