Concert review: Seeing Garth Brooks once is absolutely worth it. However what about twice?

Concert review: Seeing Garth Brooks once is absolutely worth it. However what about twice?
Concert review: Seeing Garth Brooks once is absolutely worth it. However what about twice?

If you’re going to see Garth Brooks’ concert at Bank of America Stadium on Saturday evening, there are some very specific inquiries you probably have regarding the show he did right here Friday night.

I’ll address those for you quickly.

Yes, he had an opening act: Mitch Rossell, a country (obviously) singer-songwriter who bet 20 minutes yet just needed five to win the crowd over with his amazingly brilliant writing as well as surprisingly easy wit.
Brooks came on stage at 8:16 p.m., as well as– following a solitary repetition that spanned 8 tracks– left it at precisely 10:31.

Trisha “The Queen” Yearwood did show up, for two tracks, including a duet with her hubby along with a solo efficiency of among her oldest as well as largest hits.

All that said, I can additionally inform you this: Who the hell understands if he’ll follow the very same playbook on Saturday? Also because these things are real.

Simply over 6 hours before outset Friday, a representative for the scenic tour told me she still was waiting for word on whether there ‘d be an opener at all. Few recognized to expect Rossell until he tipped onto the stage.
On Friday afternoon, Brooks told reporters that Yearwood was with him in Charlotte however a strong possibly for a drop-in. The shock was not that she inevitably did appear, considering that she’s made a routine of cameos recently; yet I was caught off-guard by the truth that they really did not collaborate for their beloved cover of “Shallow,” which has actually been a quasi-staple in recent programs.

At 10:32 p.m. on Friday, ratings of fans continued loitering by their seats, still seeming to half-expect the headliner ahead back again (even though the house lights were up)– nevertheless, Brooks has actually consistently returned for several repetitions on this scenic tour.
Simply put, if you’re visiting Brooks’ concert at BofA Stadium on Saturday evening, do not presume you’ll see what we fans that participated in Friday’s show saw.

He undoubtedly seems to enjoy being a man of at least a bit of enigma.


What you can presume, however, is that the individual who will seem most delighted on Saturday regarding Garth Brooks finally– ultimately– FINALLY– getting the opportunity to perform below, after 5 postponements, will certainly be … Garth Brooks. As well as provided how much pent-up follower demand there’s been for this occasion, that’s truly stating something.

” HELLLLLLLOOOO, CHARLOOOTTTTTE!!!!!” the vocalist growl-bellowed, just 2 tunes know Friday, after belting out 1991 honky-tonker “Rodeo.”.

” People, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, a million times, for not simply a second possibility, (but a) 3rd, 4th as well as fifth opportunity. … I have actually been waiting for by doing this as well long to discuss it. I state LET’S TURN THIS SUCKER UP AND LET’S–“– as well as I had to assume that completion of the sentence was “RAISE SOME HELL !!”; whatever the words were, they obtained hushed by the roar of 40,000-plus followers as Brooks launched into another oldie-but-greatie– “Two of a Kind, Workin’ on a Full House.”.

There weren’t meant to be 40,000-plus fans in Bank of America Stadium for Brooks’ first Charlotte show in more than 24 years, incidentally. There were supposed to be more than 70,000.

You can condemn Brooks for that. Or, possibly much more suitably, you can thank him.

As he described during a press conference earlier in the day– and also I’m paraphrasing right here, but– after the Charlotte excursion day was terminated and then re-booked, his group obtained a great deal of social-media comments from fans whining about exactly how they would certainly scored excellent seats the first time yet ended up with not-so-good ones on their 2nd shot.

So Brooks’ people struck a special manage the venue: to do two shows as opposed to one as well as to close the upper bowl for both, waiting the cost of staffing a huge section of the stadium while at the same time saving followers from having to opt for nosebleed seats.

And also, over 2 days, even more followers in total would certainly get to see Brooks in Charlotte than if he ‘d done just one show: roughly 84,000, a bump up from the initial 70,000-plus.

” The only point better than one bowl of gelato,” he quipped in the press meeting about the arrangement, “is two.”.

2 sets of Garth Brooks music is much better than one, and also the very first one alone– 23 tunes in about an hour and also 45 minutes– was loaded with adequate amusement value to more than warrant the cost of a ticket. (In situation you didn’t understand, every seat in your home was the same price: $95.).


Though he began the night by arising from underneath the floor of the in-the-round phase to sing “All Day Long,” a cut from his 2020 album “Fun,” he then dove instantly right into the standards and never turned up for air once more.

” Nothin’ll piss you off much more,” he told the group beforehand, “than concerning a concert and a person discards a whole brand-new cd and also doesn’t play any kind of old things. We bring every one of our old things with us.”.

That implied whatever from his 1998 toes-in-the-sand alcohol consumption anthem “Two Pina Coladas” to his foot-stomping cover of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s 1987 hit “Fishin’ at night” to stacking carefully placed solo acoustic performances of “Unanswered Prayers” as well as “To Make You Feel My Love” (regardless of his assertion that a person must “never do 2 ballads back-to-back”).

Brooks also crafted a crowd-pleasing four-song homage to a real North Carolina folk-music hero, teeing it up by keeping in mind that they were recording it for use on a forthcoming live cd, and by claiming: “God is the reason that I reach play music, however … if there’s a temporal individual on this earth for the reason, for me, it’s James Taylor.”.

He began with a spot-on cover of– what else?– “Carolina in My Mind,” followed by a honey-dipped performance of “Shower the People” and also a cheerful bit of “How Sweet It Is (to Be Loved By You).”.


The clear emphasize of this collection, though, was “Mockingbird,” which began with a dewy-eyed Brooks opening with “Mock (yeah)/ Ing (yeah)/ Bird (yeah)/ Yeah (yeah)” … prior to his spouse Yearwood suddenly increased from below the stage to handle the Carly Simon component as the pleased and shocked crowd shrieked its cumulative head off.

The couple vocalized the last chorus while holding hands.

” You ain’t goin’ no place,” Brooks told Yearwood with a huge ol’ grin after they finished their duet.

” I believe these individuals would like to listen to a Trisha Yearwood song. So I’m gon na make a demand myself: ‘SHE’S IN LOVE WITH A BOYYYYYYYYY’!!!” For this he faded right into the history, playing his guitar while resting among his back-up singers, providing her a prime system to utilize to slay her renowned launching hit.

I wished she ‘d stay longer, but once Yearwood ended up taking us back to 1991, she kissed her spouse and also vanished.


Brooks after that started firing his most significant guns one after another– “Callin’ Baton Rouge,” “Shameless,” “Friends in Low Places” and also “The Dance”– as well as I took care of to (temporarily) fail to remember Yearwood was ever there.

The 2nd set, meanwhile, would be better characterized as a traditional repetition, although at 8 tunes as well as almost 30 minutes long, I think it’s likewise equally as acceptable to call it a 2nd set.

And it was a considerable diversion from the. Save for his application of “Standing Outside the Fire” as a rousing finale, this collection was extra understated, primarily utilized as a possibility to field follower ask for much deeper cuts. Or, in a couple of instances, for photo opps.

At one factor, Brooks transformed his focus to a female fan in the front row who earlier in the evening had actually helped him out by passing a guitar select back to a follower in the sixth row who was holding a sign that said, straight: “I want a choice.” He wanted to pay this front-row fan back for her aid, and also did so with … a guitar pick– however likewise by ordering her phone and taking a selfie.

A pair tunes later, he identified an additional female fan holding a sign that read “Photo remodel??? Me & You!” as well as had a picture of her as a young girl resting next to a circa-1990s Garth.

” Is that really you? Actually?” the vocalist asked her. “Can I tell you that time has been a lot more pleasant to you than it has been for me?”.

They did re-create the picture, however not prior to Brooks cautioned: “I am saturating damp.”.

It was, actually, something virtually everyone in the building could not aid but see and comment to their seatmates about: On a night that felt fairly great for mid-July in the South, he had totally sweated through his denim shirt, which began the evening as a light-gray color, wetted promptly, as well as at some point turned black from all the sweat.

The only other time he seemed to mention his level of exertion desired racing around the stage during “Fishin’ at night” at an early stage.

” People, this is hard on an old man right here,” Brooks stated, panting and chuckling, as he downed the bulk of a little bottle of orange Gatorade Zero.

” Old guy” is, naturally, a family member term. There’s no question that he’s still at the very leading of his game as a performer, as someone that can go hard for 135 minutes as well as fill up virtually all 135 of those minutes with enchanting songs, enjoyable follower communication and also wise surprises.

Yet although he can run faster than you ‘d expect and also seems to have the vocal stamina of a man half his age, he is 60 now, considering that February. As well as while he jokes regarding his added weight, fracturing in the afternoon interview concerning very carefully placing his guitar (” I pretty much utilize it to hide my intestine”), he probably recognizes he’ll need to buckle down about dropping a few of it in order to keep placing on high-energy shows in his 60s.

That’s just the reality: He won’t be able to run like he did on Friday forever, to sing like that permanently.

So as I’ve rested here organizing my thoughts, I’ve expanded increasingly grateful to have actually had the ability to see Garth Brooks carry out live while he’s still most certainly got it– yet at the same time have actually discovered myself wondering if as well as when I’ll ever get to see him again in Charlotte.

After that I’m advised that, duh, there is an additional opportunity. Like, quickly. On Saturday night.


1. “All Day Long”.

2. “Rodeo”.

3. “Two of a Kind, Workin’ on a Full House”.

4. “The Beaches of Cheyenne”.

5. “Two Piña Coladas”.

6. “The River”.

7. “Papa Loved Mama”.

8. “She’s Every Woman”.

9. “Fishin’ in the Dark”.

10. “The Thunder Rolls”.

11. “Unanswered Prayers”.

12. “To Make You Feel My Love”.

13. “That Summer”.

14. “Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til the Sun Comes Up)”.

15. “Carolina in My Mind”.

16. “Shower individuals”.

17. “How Sweet It Is (to Be Loved By You)”.

18. “Mockingbird” (with Trisha Yearwood).

19. “She’s in Love With the Boy” (carried out by Trisha Yearwood).

20. “Callin’ Baton Rouge”.

21. “Shameless”.

22. “Friends in Low Places”.

23. “The Dance”.


24. “Every Now and also Then”.

25. “Wrapped Up in You”.

26. “Ireland”.

27. “Turn the Page”.

28. “The Grand Tour”.

29. “In Lonesome Dove”.

30. “More Than a Memory”.

31. “Standing Outside the Fire”.

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