Concluded Ajith’s Strength Image Collection- Look at the total collections

Actor Vijay’s fans ‘celebration is just a few days away, but Ajith’s fans’ celebration is over.

His strength made the film a huge hit with fans celebrating.

End of collection

Ajith’s strength movie was released worldwide on February 24. From the day the film was released the fans gave good support to the film.

Ajith’s bike stunt scenes were celebrated by the fans even though the story was a bit dull. The first day collections were all too much.

It has been 43 days since the release of the movie Strength, but the movie is still running somewhere. Currently, the film has grossed over Rs. It is noteworthy that it has topped the list of hit films with a gross of over Rs 230 crore.

Bharti Kannamma is the big boss who came to act in the serial- Look who it is, here is the photo

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