Controversial ‘Pathala Pathala’ song line: Complain to police about Kamal!

Vikram’s song ‘Pathala Pathala’ directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj and starring Kamal was released yesterday. The tenth song is now going viral on the internet as the biggest anticipation for the film has come from.

The song, which is number one on trending, has amassed over 10 million views so far.

Controversial lines

Kamal has written and sung the lyrics for the song ‘Pathala Pathala’. The lines written by Kamal openly criticizing the federal government as “there is nothing wrong with the union now …” have caused a stir in political circles.

கஜானாலே காசில்லே .. கல்லாலையும் காசில்லே .. கைச்சல் ஜூரம் நிறையா வருது … தில்லாலங்கடி தில்லாலே .. ஐக்கியத்தின் தப்பாலே ஒன்னியும் இல்லை இப்பலே … சாவி இப்ப திருடன் கையில தில்லாலங்கடி தில்லாலே

Kamal has written lines criticizing the central government as a thief.


Report to police

A complaint has been lodged with the Chennai Metropolitan Police against the removal of taxes critical of the Central Government and inciting caste violence in the song.

If not, the film will be banned and will be prosecuted in court.


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