Cook with clown fame who went to Zee Tamil from Vijay TV suddenly .. Video that shocked the fans

Cook with clown fame

Vijay is the person who has captured the hearts of the fans through TV. He is currently busy acting in Tamil cinema.

Not only as a comedy actor, he is currently MR. Zoo Keeper also made his debut as a hero through the film.

Due to the fact that he is busy shooting, Cook with Clown Season 3 is only occasionally featured on the show.

The fame that went to Zee Tamil

In this situation, he has gone as a special guest on the Junior Superstars show which is currently airing on Zee Tamil TV.

The promo video of the show is currently out. Many who saw this have started saying that the famous Vijay has gone from TV to Zee Tamil.

But, the real reason for this is, what are you going to say about the fame co-starred with Ashwin? The film Zee is airing soon in Tamil.

Here is the video ..

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